Sunday, January 31, 2010

I Do My Homework

Speaking of censorship! I wrote a letter to the Norwich Bulletin on the Citizens V the FEC case and the Bulletin's mistaken opinion on it. One of the commentators -- a certain mr teem -- claimed that I did not do my homework:

"Its a shame when letter writers don't bother to think through what they're suggesting or bother to use even a modicum of research. Media corporations have always been exempt from USC441b. That's in one of those other pesky clauses of the First Amendment that people sometimes ignore".

So I posted the links to all my research. And then *poof* they disappeared! Sometimes my comments do come back. And maybe they don't like outside links being posted as they tend to take readers away from their website. Fair enough I guess but it does interfere with the free exchange of ideas. Liberals are not really big fans of that I have noticed. Have you noticed that too?

On the point about the media being exempt from the speech restrictions, that is exactly what this case was all about. Isn't Citizens United a part of the media? They put together a movie about the election coming up that is really no different than what 60 Minutes might have done only their bias tilts the other way.

What if the government was banning the airing of 60 Minutes hatchet-job on Sarah Palin? Isn't that the same thing?

Well try out some of these links which I read. I wrote a paper for a class on this subject but I would have read all this stuff anyway. I have a passion for First Amendment cases and Citizens United V the FEC was a big landmark case.

The Fallacy of Campaign Finance Reform by John Samples

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