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As my favorite President would respond – there you go again! -Trying to re-write history that is. The Gipper never let you guys get away with that and I am happy to carry out that tradition. The Norwich Bulletin is now trying to distance itself from the very policies and the man it endorsed not once but twice now. Sorry Bros but you own this guy. The Norwich Bulletin is as much to blame for the rotten economic conditions as Malloy himself.

Why don’t we take a little stroll down Memory Lane?

In 2010 the NB endorsed Dan Malloy for the Democrat nomination over a phenomenally successful business man Ned Lamont who had gobs of experience with bottom lines and the concept of competitiveness.

Meanwhile the Norwich Bulletin told Republicans “The one clear and obvious choice,…R. Nelson “Oz” Griebel.”

Who? Yeah; exactly. Griebel’s only claim to fame as far as I can tell is that he cashed in his chit for former Congressman Nancy Johnson's support. Johnson stood there at the convention like she was high on drugs with her Oz Button and said nary a thing while Real Republican Tom Foley ran away with the nomination. The NB wrote “Unlike his opponents, Griebel (who?) doesn't pander to [conservatives] with promises of no new taxes or offer unrealistic expectations that our fiscal problems can be solved by simply cutting spending.”

The Norwich Bulletin said of Foley “we don’t believe [he] is a man of conviction. We fear he will simply take the most expedient and easy solution in resolving problems, with little concern for the impact it will have on our state and its residents”.
Or in other words Foley would make the state eat its spinach by cutting spending or at least leave it flat. We would be in far more competitive shape today had we elected Foley then.

In 2014 after four years of Governor Dan Malloy, Tom Foley went from being “a man without conviction” (a bad guy) to "congenial", "a formidable adversary", "a viable alternative" and "business-like". Editorial Page Editor Ray Hackett started calling him "Tom" instead of "Foley". The Bulletin did surprisingly endorse Real Republican Tom Foley for the Republican nomination.

For the General Election, it seems Foley had at least one supporter and maybe another on the fence with the editorial board from certain indications.

 --But not enough, the 2014 endorsement for Malloy “In the end, value won. Change for the sake of change is unproductive”. --If you know what that means; please explain it to me.

The 2014 endorsement goes on to say “Governing involves making the tough choices, which Malloy has done, and which are not always popular”.

Ah, but I beg to differ with that characterization. Malloy DID DO WHAT WAS POPULAR with his caucus. Jack-up spending and jack-up taxes too! That’s a very popular choice among the tax-n-spend crowd. Cutting spending would be the unpopular thing.

So here we are today and once again the Bulletin's man is about to sign another budget that drastically raises taxes (after promising not to) and makes ConnectiCan’t even more un-competitive than ever before. Employers are packing their bags as we speak.

 Malloy and the Norwich Bulletin are still married, but perhaps the honeymoon is over.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

How Libs Sometimes Get Out of Checkmate Situations

I was enjoying my new discovery Katie Pavlich when this Bro said something really good.  The full quote is "One of the things I have noticed that people on the left do is that they try to turn anything that destroys their narrative into some kind of breach of manners.  I think they do it because that works on conservatives because conservatives want to be well-mannered and it often works.  It is somehow gauche to mention the fact that Ted Kennedy, to save his political career, left a woman to die".

And for the lovely Miss Katie Pavlich, I will let her speak for herself.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ann Coulter Strikes Again!

Go here:  A lot of what she says I have thought for years!  Her columns are usually fantastic but this one sets a new high for telling it how it really is for the critics of the Death Penalty. 

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Just Who Exactly is the Real Victim Here?

After reading Mary Sanchez's "Death Penalty Drugs Cloaked In Secrecy" in the Harford Communist, I feel compelled to put it in the record that the human filth executed in this country are not victims in any sense. They are all killers of the worst kind. We don't execute all murderers, just the worst of them get their just deserts. And even some of those get off easy in states like Connecticut which doesn't even have the Death Penalty anymore.

Consider that many of these killers also raped their victims.  Such was the case of the Ohio killer who was executed last month after appealing his conviction in 1994. Sure they messed up the execution. So what? Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect! If you knew what Dennis B. McGuire was guilty of, you might not care.

The reason why Ms. Sanchez omitted the name of the killer in her piece is because she didn't want you to Google his name and find out what he did. Indeed, it
does hurt her case when you add some perspective to the issue.

Nor did she mention that the victim was pregnant. Of course we all know Ms. Sanchez's view on unborn babies.

Again for the record lets review exactly why poor Dennis B. McGuire found himself on Ohio's death row in the first place.

According to Murderpedia:

Classification: Murderer
Characteristics: Kidnapping - Rape
Number of victims: 1 (sic)
Date of murder: February 11, 1989
Date of arrest: December 22, 1993
Date of birth: February 10, 1960
Victim profile: Joy Stewart, 22 (30-weeks pregnant)
Method of murder: Slashing her throat
Location: Preble County, Ohio, USA
Status: Executed by lethal injection in Ohio on January 16, 2014

He cut her throat after raping her. I can't think of a worse way to die than that. Can you? And the unborn baby undoubtedly suffered before he or she suffocated in the womb. There were two victims really. Not just one.

McGuire's death was a lot more humane than what he did to 22 year old Joy Stewart and her child. What is more his suffering was unintentional whereas the suffering of his victims clearly wasn't.

Its OK to feel a bit sorry for this guy, just don't feel more sorry for him than his victims. Missouri will get it right the next time.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Fraud Party

I was trying to find out just how many actual members are enrolled in the "Working Families Party" (aka The Fraud Party) in the state and of course I wound up on America's favorite cheat sheet Wikipedia.  This was in the "TALK" section of an article (not the article itself) on the national Working Families Party and this little bit is about an issue in New York State.  I thought it was VERY INTERESTING!

"Unique Structure of {Working Families} Party [edit]

The Working Families Party's leaders, including Executive Director Dan Cantor, Party Chairs Bob Master and Bertha Lewis, and Secretary Jon Kest, have spent the past few years engaged in court battles to prevent party members from forming constituted county committees. They deny registrants the opportunity to select candidates and determine the party's direction by allowing their shadow organization, the Working Families Organization (which requires paid membership but does not require membership in the Working Families Party), to screen candidates. It is the state committee of the Organization, not the Party, that determines who will appear on the ballot and makes policy decisions for the party. Individuals have no vote within the Working Families Organization, instead groups (like ACORN and 1199) are assigned a number of votes based on the number of paid memberships they purchase. The duly elected members of the state committee have been rendered powerless and irrelevant by this process.

Eight years after achieving ballot status, the Working Families Party has county committee members in only one county, Suffolk, and it is actively attempting to quash that committee. Cantor and the WFO failed in their attempts to dismantle the Working Families Party Suffolk County Committee; although a judge ordered the 2004 county convention to be redone, the "do-over" convention held in 2005 produced exactly the same result as the 2004 convention confirming Chuck Pohanka as County Chair, Donna Lent as Secretary, and Dotty Weisgruber as Treasurer.

to view documents from that court case, go to:

In an August 2005 decision, Judge Thomas Whelan took the Executive Committee of the New York State Working Families Party to task for subverting election law through its attempts to prevent formation of county committees and deny county committee members control of nominations through Wilson-Pakula.

read that decision at:

Despite Whelan's decision, the New York State Working Families Party continues in its efforts to prevent formation of county committees and, specifically, to quash the Suffolk County Committee of the Working Families Party. Most recently, it sent letters to elected officials telling them to contribute only to the state party.  UNQUOTE

This blows my fucking mind!  Unique Structure?  No fucking shit.  Actual members of this Fraud Party cannot pick the candidates they want but people who pay (WITH MONEY !!!!) into the party who may be mostly Democrats CAN!?  Are you kidding me?  Is this how it is set up in Connecticut?  These people should be arrested.  No way should this kind of blatant manipulation and perversion of Election Law should go un-answered.  You can buy your way in!

I don't know who btw wrote that.  That part seems unsigned not that it would make any difference since Wikipedia does not use real people names. 

I knew the Working Families Party were sleazy but I had no clue they were this sleazy. This warrants much more investigating. 

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Knock it off with the "Deals" Patricia Froehlich

Why is Prosecutor Patricia Froehlich “willing to listen” to plea bargain deals with an accused child killer?  Fredy Chingo-Riz, an illegal alien, is accused of murdering his girlfriend’s daughter Athena Angeles.  An autopsy revealed that Athena was basically used as a punching bag until she died at the ripe old age of three. 

Froehlich is supposed to be representing the victim.  Has she forgotten that?  Saving court’s time and a few bucks is lousy reason to let accused child killer off easy.

The adults in Athena’s short life betrayed her.  In death the one person she is counting on most is the prosecutor of her killer.  Will Froehlich let Athena down as so many others have?  

Froehlich should listen to her own conscience, rescind all offers and throw the book at Chingo-Riz.  If guilty he should spend the rest of his life behind bars. 

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Best Damn Arguement I Have Ever Heard on Gun Rights

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