Monday, November 22, 2010

The New Face of The Enemy?

"Don’t like TSA measures? Don’t fly" exclaims Sunday's editorial in the Norwich Bulletin. It made some good points but there are points to be made on the other side too that went un-addressed. The editorial was unconvincing because it did not attempt to answer some of those key points. Where is the moderation that the Bulletin so often speaks so highly of? Its just says its Big Brother’s way or the highway....


Is there no room for compromise or smarter, more effective procedures or better technology. Nope, none of that will work.

The editorial is wrong when it says "This isn’t about taking away freedoms. It is a matter of public safety". The truth of the matter is its about both.

We do have to stop every bomb before it gets on the plane and there also must be reasonable limits to the governments ability to poke its nose and shove its gloved hands where it doesn't belong particularly when the targets of the search are not a threat.

Lets face facts boys and girls: We know what a terrorist looks like. It is our biggest advantage but the PC Police won't let us press that advantage. Your run of the mill terrorist is male, from 18 to say 50, he is a foreigner and they are all Muslim. Some are African like the diaper bomber (not African-American but African) while the rest are Middle-Eastern.

He has an accent or may not speak English and sometimes has a criminal record. He might have bought a one way ticket with cash, be using a fake passport and he might look really nervous, or might try to set his shoe on fire.

We need to be on the lookout for THAT GUY!

Lets not pretend we have to worry about Aunt Bea shoving a bomb up a body cavity. Have we ever once caught an American-born, 75-year-old, Christian Caucasian woman trying to blow up an airplane in the name of Allah? I mean come on!

Nobody likes the idea of profiling and Lord knows some will feel unjustly singled out, but it is an idea which time has come. If the terrorists looked like middle-aged white guys than I would feel I was doing my part by answering a few reasonable questions.

It just seems to me that profiling is at least as reasonable as gawking at naked children and grabbing women's breasts and messing with the junk of American businessmen.

Israel profiles and it works. It’s time to get real.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Timothy McVey...hum...white, male, angry, would have blogged if it had been around...

December 07, 2010 7:13 AM  
Blogger mccommas said...

Timothy McVey was just one crazy nutjob. We are facing many many nutjobs, they are on a mission and they all look alike. What is wrong with playing to that advantage?

As for the Timothy McVeys among us, well we just have to take our chances. Life is full of risk.

But risk can be reasonability minimized by profiling. It works for Israel and it can work just as well for America.

Besides the scanners would not have caught the diaper bomber. I think that is important; don't you?

Profilers might have. Scanning little old ladies is foolish and a distraction from hunting the enemy.

December 07, 2010 5:44 PM  

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