Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Fraud Party

I was trying to find out just how many actual members are enrolled in the "Working Families Party" (aka The Fraud Party) in the state and of course I wound up on America's favorite cheat sheet Wikipedia.  This was in the "TALK" section of an article (not the article itself) on the national Working Families Party and this little bit is about an issue in New York State.  I thought it was VERY INTERESTING!

"Unique Structure of {Working Families} Party [edit]

The Working Families Party's leaders, including Executive Director Dan Cantor, Party Chairs Bob Master and Bertha Lewis, and Secretary Jon Kest, have spent the past few years engaged in court battles to prevent party members from forming constituted county committees. They deny registrants the opportunity to select candidates and determine the party's direction by allowing their shadow organization, the Working Families Organization (which requires paid membership but does not require membership in the Working Families Party), to screen candidates. It is the state committee of the Organization, not the Party, that determines who will appear on the ballot and makes policy decisions for the party. Individuals have no vote within the Working Families Organization, instead groups (like ACORN and 1199) are assigned a number of votes based on the number of paid memberships they purchase. The duly elected members of the state committee have been rendered powerless and irrelevant by this process.

Eight years after achieving ballot status, the Working Families Party has county committee members in only one county, Suffolk, and it is actively attempting to quash that committee. Cantor and the WFO failed in their attempts to dismantle the Working Families Party Suffolk County Committee; although a judge ordered the 2004 county convention to be redone, the "do-over" convention held in 2005 produced exactly the same result as the 2004 convention confirming Chuck Pohanka as County Chair, Donna Lent as Secretary, and Dotty Weisgruber as Treasurer.

to view documents from that court case, go to:

In an August 2005 decision, Judge Thomas Whelan took the Executive Committee of the New York State Working Families Party to task for subverting election law through its attempts to prevent formation of county committees and deny county committee members control of nominations through Wilson-Pakula.

read that decision at:

Despite Whelan's decision, the New York State Working Families Party continues in its efforts to prevent formation of county committees and, specifically, to quash the Suffolk County Committee of the Working Families Party. Most recently, it sent letters to elected officials telling them to contribute only to the state party.  UNQUOTE

This blows my fucking mind!  Unique Structure?  No fucking shit.  Actual members of this Fraud Party cannot pick the candidates they want but people who pay (WITH MONEY !!!!) into the party who may be mostly Democrats CAN!?  Are you kidding me?  Is this how it is set up in Connecticut?  These people should be arrested.  No way should this kind of blatant manipulation and perversion of Election Law should go un-answered.  You can buy your way in!

I don't know who btw wrote that.  That part seems unsigned not that it would make any difference since Wikipedia does not use real people names. 

I knew the Working Families Party were sleazy but I had no clue they were this sleazy. This warrants much more investigating. 


Blogger Seane-Anna said...

Working Families Party? More like Socialist Party By Another Name Party. And btw, little brother, I have a new name and a new url for my blog. "Sinistra's Bane" is now "Heart of the Wise" and the new url is Just wanted to make sure you can still find me if you want to, little brother!

August 23, 2013 8:36 PM  

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