Sunday, November 26, 2006

Munster's Revenge

1994 was indeed a bitter pill to swallow.

I worked on the Edward W. Munster for Congress Campaign. I was re-doubling my efforts from 1992. I worked my heart out. I worked all day at my job and then came home and basically worked another full time job getting my man known to the public and advancing our ideas. I did it all. I did not bother to try to get people to do things.

I just did them all myself. It’s a lot less aggravation but took a lot of blood, sweat and tears -and mostly my own money -to get it all done. I hammered up what must have been tens-of-thousands Ed's signature freedom-blue and florescent orange lawn signs which practically glowed in the dark.

I wrote letters to the all the 2nd District's papers on a monthly basis from 1992 till 1996. I networked and did phone banks. I went to monthly meetings in Colchester, Grassroots East.

I offended countless RINOs by actually believing we had a chance.

All of that work went to complete waste because of one man.

Happy-go-lucky babykiller David Bingham ran a third-party candidacy that did nothing but suck votes from the Republican nominee. Of course he had a right to run but the practical result was he handed the seat back to an incumbent that would have lost otherwise.

Congressman Sam Gejdenson squeaked by with 2 then 4 then 21 votes (an arbitrary number the Democrat-controlled Connecticut Supreme Court just made up).

Bingham had major party status because his name appeared on Governor Lowell Weicker’s sham “A Connecticut Party” which screwed up races from 1991 to 1994.

-- Mostly reducing any chance the Republican had to zero.

We found out after we conceded that hundreds of convicted felons had voted. Had we known that before the CT Supreme Court would have been forced to void the tainted election and order a run-off.

We ran Ed again in 1996 but by then the fix was in. It’s hard to battle enemies that buy ink by the barrel.

So skip ahead to present day and I am writing a paper about the “Bush V Gore” case in 2000 for my Constitutional Law class. I wanted to find the Munster V Gejdenson case online and perhaps invent some excuse to mention it. But all I found was this recent blog entry by someone calling himself “Rude Pundit”.

This liberal’s rant made me think for the thousandth time that the 2000 election handing no less than Presidency to the Republicans was the ultimate payback for stealing the 2nd.

So remember that’s what you get for being a complete fucking shit, Rude Dude.

What goes around comes around!


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