Sunday, August 03, 2008

Guglielmo and the Nanny State

Dear State Senator Anthony Guglielmo:

I am not happy about the
"New Teen Driving Laws" you trumpeted about in your "Capital Update". I think it is far over reaching. The Nanny State has struck again and she is getting more and more aggressive. I would not be bragging about voting for it if I were you.

How will this law be enforced? Will the state be pulling people off the road based on how old they look?
“Show me your papers Miss or I will tase you.”
Is there nothing better our men on the police force could be doing instead of pulling over girls out after dark on their way home from their part time job?

Why should an a person in a free society ever have to justify why she is here and not there? What country is this again?

Have you all forgotten these people are American Citizens? I think you do-gooder types forget that far to often. When a teen gets a driver's license he or she should enjoy the privileges as well as accept the responsibilities.

They can't drive after dark? Why the hell not?

Are we in Cuba or Connecticut?

Those who abuse the privileges should be punished the usual way -- no matter how old, or how young they are. This law just lumps everyone into the same category no matter how responsible they are. It sends the wrong message.

Why shouldn't teens be allowed to go out with their friends? What the hell is wrong with that? When I got a license my parents were thrilled. They were initially worried of course as I was the eldest. Their little boy was growing up but they got used to it. They were pleased that I was willing to take my three sisters everywhere they needed to go -- band practice, girl scouts and so on. Up until then they had to ferry them around and they both had demanding jobs.

What will happen to those big brothers and big sisters who are caught now taking little Sue to her Brownies meetings? Will they be arrested and tased? What’s the next step after this? How much big government regulation is enough Tony?

If you are concerned about teen deaths than a better solution would be raising the age to 17 instead of trying to regulate the behavior and parenting styles of parents. Republicans are supposed to know better.

When is the government going to officially take over the roles of parents? Can you give me some ball park date?

This is a very bad law Tony. Shame on you for voting for it and Nanny Rell for signing it.

John R. McCommas


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