Monday, September 07, 2009

Pledge Me This Joe Courtney

I am not at all impressed with our congressman’s often touted “pledge” not to accept the congressional healthcare plan until Obamacare is passed. Big fucking whooptie do!

What would impress me would be if Joe Courtney pledged to not accept contributions from lawyers and law firms for the up coming election. Sleazy lawyers filing one meritless lawsuit after another is the real reason why our healthcare premiums are sky-rocketing at the same time our coverage diminishes. It is not because the insurance companies are mean.
According to, Courtney took nearly 220,000 dollars from lawyers and law firms in 2008 – far more than any other industry. Since 2006 Courtney has gobbled up $639,551 -- almost twice as much as the second biggest contributer class. At this rate he will probably exceed one million in the next election.

If Courtney (who is a lawyer himself) wants to prove he really is on our side he would support tort reform and not have take anymore of the lawyers’ money.
The lawyers’ interests and his constituents’ interests are mutually exclusive. Courtney can’t serve both interests at the same time. Courtney must choose whose side he is really on
--them or us.

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Anonymous JTHM said...

Hehe, them or Us? We all know where he's at, he's a moron shill for Tort lawyers.
This line is no different than his voting against the Bush Tarp plan and then voting in favor of Obambies 400% larger version.
Although, don't expect liberals to show any brains and question him, nothing but lemmings.

September 13, 2009 8:43 AM  
Blogger mccommas said...


September 13, 2009 5:31 PM  

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