Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Selective Standards at the Bulletin

The selective standards of the Bulletin have taken on a particularly pungent odor when it comes to conservative vs. liberal Hispanic politicians. Where was the Bulletin with all its righteous indication when Democrats filibustered Miguel Estrada for the District of Columbia Court of Appeals?

Why didn’t the Bulletin’s reporters question that the attackers of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales might have been motivated by racism? Where was “de la Communidad” when Republicans could have used some help getting Republican Hispanics into high positions?

The Bulletin’s double standards have led it to print falsehoods to bolster its case. There are two glaring errors in two different stories about Sonia Sotomayor in the July 11th edition. First it is far from clear she would be the first Hispanic to serve on the Supreme Court. The first was Benjamin N. Cardozo who served from from 1932 to 1937. Second, the Bulletin falsely claimed in “Republicans vow to challenge her record” that the plantiffs in Sotomayor’s case that was reveressed by very court she hopes to sit on latter this year were “all white”.

That is a lie. One of the men who earned his promotion is Hispanic and due some serious backpay — no thanks to Sotomayor.

Conservatives contend that there are many fine judges of the Hispanic persuation who are perfectly qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. Sotomayor does not happen to be one of them and racism has nothing to do with it.
She’s a bad judge.


Anonymous Pomfretite said...

You state: First it is far from clear she would be the first Hispanic to serve on the Supreme Court.

Next you state: The first was Benjamin N. Cardozo who served from from 1932 to 1937.

The first statement makes it seem as though you are unsure of who the first Hispanic judge is, while the second statement makes it seem as though you believe it to be Cardozo. Could you please clarify?

I believe that Sotomayor is the first Hispanic judge, but I am not Hispanic. Questions of ethnicity should probably be left to those who are members of the ethnicity to answer. There are always questions about the FIRST of any minority...ethnic, gender, etc. We should instead concentrate on the BEST and we will know how she is doing shortly. We should be hopeful!

August 15, 2009 8:58 AM  
Blogger mccommas said...

Fair enough. You caught me. Poor grammar. Poor form. I betrayed my bias.


But you did not challenge my main, more important point, which is that the Norwich Bulletin has some pretty flexible standards when it comes to Hispanic Conservatives Vs Hispanic Liberals.

I think it is quite telling you prefer to quibble over the sloppiness and inconsistency I used in presenting my argument rather than the argument itself.

Believe me, I would not even bring it (I certainly don't think it is very important) up but I have heard so much about the first Hispanic appointed to the supreme court that I just want to throw up. They never fawn over a conservative when she is a first in some slot. The Bulletin and the rest of the media make such a big fuss over race when it is a liberal in question but not when it is a conservative. It is therefore a delicious treat to argue that in fact their darling isn’t the first after all. Awwww….

If you read the story I am referring to (which was only in the print version) the Bulletin even considers Ben Cardozo a white dude seemingly only because they disagree with his political viewpoint that since he earned his promotion based on the high score of his test that he should get it. The Bulletin changed Ben's race because he is on the wrong side of the argument.

Something else I have read since online --and you will not read this anywhere in the back pages of the Bulletin -- is that Ben got punched in the bathroom by one of other firefighters on the other side.

Had Ben got punched and were on the liberal (that is the Bulletin’s side) side, I will bet you it would be on page one.

You know kinda sorta like it was a front page local story that local liberal Hispanics were “fearful” that the debate over Sotomayor's senate confirmation would get all racist for no particular reason what so ever.

The Bulletin played the Race Card so I trumped them with the Truth Card.

August 15, 2009 1:39 PM  

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