Sunday, December 06, 2009

Gossip Culture

Why can't the media gossip queens just let the Tiger Woods issue die? The MSM builds up people as stars only so they can tear them down in some gotcha moment.

Ms Goshay in the Norwich Bulletin today claims that Mr. Woods cultured an image of perfection. Funny but I don't ever recall Mr. Woods saying he was perfect but then again, I don't read the National Inquirer.

Ms. Goshay's real beef -- as she plainly states -- with Mr. Woods is that he is a clean cut guy who apparently likes money and seems to prefer white women.

The only thing that is really important is he never lied in a civil right case like Bill Clinton. Where is the "so-what" argument now that it really is appropriate to bring up?

Needless to say, the press (yellow and otherwise) should stay out of Mr. and Mrs. Woods' marriage -- if they still have one. The editors and reporters of the Fourth Estate should cancel their subscriptions to People Magazine and start reading -- and covering -- the harder, more important news.

The real issue is this sustained undignified feeding frenzy. When they get some scrap of meat like this the press act like rabid piranha fish. They keep it going as long as they can till the next trivial, yet sensational, brouhaha presents itself.

I Remember when the Clinton's moved into the White House, the press was following Chelsea's cat around on the White House lawn. The Norwich Bulletin printed an editorial that week rightly ridiculing the foolishness; It isn't a cat. it "Madonna with a tail. Even so that rag prints all this shit while other far more important issues (such as the leaked emails that prove global warming is a hoax) wind up on the editing room floor.

The press has once again embarrassed itself, and this once proud industry is to far gone to even be properly ashamed of it.



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