Monday, September 28, 2009

Boycott the Credit Card Cheaters

John R. McCommas
29 Kathleen Drive U-7A
Willimantic CT 06226

Dear Chase Credit Card

I just got off the phone with two of your representatives. I questioned why you people would charge me a $17.07 finance fee when I paid off the balance (almost 1000 dollars) last month.

I paid on time and the representatives didn’t dispute that the bill was paid in full and on time.

They insisted I still owed you $17.07 to hold a zero balance. They told me that you people charge interest daily even on bills paid on time, but I don’t understand why last month’s statement did not include last month’s interest. This is a shell game with no pea.

I just got off the phone with a representative from my Bank of America credit and she said that if I paid off my balance today with them that there would not be any reason to charge me interest on a zero balance. She assured me I would get no bill next month for a finance charge as you did with me.

Why is it that Bank of America can some how figure out how to charge me interest in such a way that my statement reflects accurately what I owe them in a given month and you can not?

I asked your representatives that this bullshit charge be taken off. Given the money you people have made off of me, with your rip-off interest rates, I did not think this was too much to ask. Your representative and her supervisor did not agree.

Therefore I want this account closed.

I am paying your $17.07 bullshit charge and it will be the last you get from me unless of course you have other sneaky charges and fees you want to apply before my account is closed

I am posting this letter on Facebook and my blog so my family and friends know how you do business. If they have accounts with you, I am advising them to close theirs as well.

John R. McCommas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uhmmm, went though this with Avanta, just received a $48 check back.

October 02, 2009 6:50 PM  

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