Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kill The Bill

Whether the mandate that we all buy insurance is constitutional or not comes down to the who sits on the Supreme Court. I am not sure if it is or not. I would have to give that some thought. What I or anyone else thinks though isn't important.

I suspect the Court will go along with it probably 5-4 or maybe even 6-3. The Commerce Clause seemingly has no limits. My fellow conservatives have to remember that there are people on that court that can't be persuaded with reason or the clear, unmistakable, textual parameters of the Constitution (case in point Kelo V New London). There are four or five of them, depending on what kind of day Justice Kennedy is having. If the only thing that can save us is the Supreme Court than we are all fucking screwed.

What I am sure is that so called Healthcare *reform* of this kind is a very bad idea and we got the vast majority of Americans on our side. We have to make our voice heard. KILL THE BILL!

Any bill this Congress (which has way to many lawyers in it including that guy that supposedly represents us) comes up with will be bad for you and me and our posterity. It looks like the House of Reps will flip over to Republican control in November and if they shove this down our unwilling throats than Rob Simmons will be in the majority when he is elected to the Senate too.

I am praying that the Democrats are not that suicidal. Democrats take my advice that will help you get re-elected. Don't pass anything! They --and the rest of us-- would all be far better off.

The problem is that a bill passed and signed into law can't really be undone. There is the President's veto power for one thing, and even a President Palin could not realistically expect a bill reversing the damage to ever cross her desk. It would be virtually impossible to get rid of this monstrosity once it is passed.

This so called reform has to be killed outright. Kill it, burn it and scatter the ashes to the four winds.

Never mind a court challenge. We need to kill it with good old fashioned Democracy. Call or write our senators and reps and tell them to kill the bill. If enough of us do, we will kill it.

It would be well worth sacrificing anticipated Republican takeover of Congress to stop this very bad legislation.
It is that important.
I want the Republicans back in charge but not at the cost to our healthcare system. Obama has to fail so that we can keep our place as the preeminent healthcare system in the world.

Healthcare can and should be improved -- by the NEXT Congress.

The longer the issue drags on, the better it is for We the People. Hopefully the up coming elections will make getting anything passed impossible.

That's not a bad thing

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