Saturday, November 27, 2010

Susan Campbell Has P.D.S.

You know I keep running into this thing with you liberals suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS). You are all for women’s rights unless we are talking about a Republican woman (like the many that ran for office this year) and Sarah Palin most of all. How about showing the lady a little respect for once?

Liberals are such hypocrites. They have said and written the most the sexist, disrespectful things about Palin’s looks and supposed lack of intelligence (they said the same thing about Reagan as I recall) and so on. I mean just on and on and on. They would never let a Republican behave in such a brutish manner towards a Democrat woman.

Take what Susan Campbell at the Hartford Communist said on her blog.: If you like Palin’s brand of feminism than you are a man.

What is that supposed to mean? Well Campbell thinks she is being oh so very clever with her double entendre. Campbell was saying that Palin is not really a woman. On the other meaning, Yes Palin does indeed poll better with men than women but that is not surprising because all Republicans do. Campbell has nothing over Mae West in that department. I glanced over her link and it was just a long string of barely literate insults similar to Eaglehart’s incoherent rants. There must be a real case to be made against Palin. Why don't they?

And are we talking about real equality or just the moonbat things on the Femi-Nazi Agenda? You know because those are two very different things. Not everyone who supports equal rights also supports infanticide.

I think its safe to say Palin is all for women’s rights and not so much on the Loony Left’s Politics of Victimization for example. 'Boo hoo hoo. Somewhere there is a man who makes more money than me --- whaaaaahhhhhhhh'.

Tell it to someone who cares. Maybe all those men (and women) that get more money than you get more because they are better at your profession than you are? Do we want the government to try to make life fair in every instance? That’s not only un-doable, that’s stupid.

Palin for her part makes very good points, which the liberals seem unwilling to even try to refute. They just resort to more of the same sophomoric, lame brain bad manners that typify Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Click here for a fantastic essay by Jeff Goldstein on the subject of PDS.

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