Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cop Killers have a friend in Gov. Deval Patrick

Mass Voters turned their back on Kerry Healey after Mitt Romney turned his back on Mass Republicans. Tax increases are on their way, you can bet the ranch on that. And it’s also a safe bet that lots of folks are packing the cars and heading south where it’s safe to earn and money.

But that’s not the worse of it. Democrats in Mass are notoriously soft on crime and Governor Deval Patrick is a cop-killer’s best friend.

But Don't believe me:

My name is Alicia Hayes. My dad, Ronnie Smith, was killed before I reached the age of two. He was a Florida highway patrol officer killed in the line of duty by an escaped convict from Oklahoma three days before Christmas. He was buried on Christmas Eve, leaving my mother and I with a life that will never be the same because of the cold blooded murderer who shot him five times to ensure his death.

He escaped the death warrant not once but three times with the help of Deval Patrick, who pleaded in his favor that the sentence was “disproportionate, excessive and inappropriate along with cruel and unusual punishment” for a person that had found religion and undergone a change while in prison. (Supreme Court of Florida, case# 72,043)

This man, running for governor, believes in finding an excuse for killing our law enforcement officers no matter where they are - Florida or Massachusetts. What does this say about a person running for governor, who is given the power to allow this type of person to kill our husbands, wives, sons and daughters and believe they are doing the right thing to allow people not to be held accountable?

I was just a teenager in 1985, but I remember being in that court room and watching Deval Patrick defend my father’s killer. I hope that that Mr. Patrick realizes the repercussions of what he has done through out his career and will not make them again, but I have never talked to him and would believe he would continue to go in the same line as he has in the past.

I just would like to say anytime Mr. Patrick would like to find out the hardships and the nightmares that come along with being a victim; I welcome him to contact me.

To set the record straight, Carl Ray Songer had three jury trials by his peers and was adjudicated guilty in court and sentenced to death. Your potential governor went against the people of Florida and allowed him to be sent to Oklahoma, close to his family, and ... left the victim’s family to endure a lifetime of parole hearings to ensure he remains in prison.”



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