Sunday, July 15, 2007

Plan B is for Catholic-Bashers

Columnist, blogger, news reporter and Honorary Chairman on the re-elect Courtney Committee Ray Hackett says that one's religion should not matter in politics in today’s Bulletin.

Maybe it should matter more. I see a lot of Catholic-bashing in the legislature as well as the state comptroller. I held my nose and voted for Cathy Cook last November because of that issue alone. I otherwise would have voted for Nancy Wyman. I really would have rather not voted for someone like Cook’s given her record on certain issues such public financing. But she was the better person though given Wyman’s attack on Catholic owned pharmacies.

It seems that certain somebodies don't like it that other certain somebodies don't wish to participate in what they consider "chemical abortions". The liberals just couldn’t resist picking off that scab. All the Democrats had to do to avoid trampling anyone’s constitutionals and at the same time provide women who have been sexually assaulted with appropriate contraceptives was to require such victims to be brought to a public hospital. All the Catholic hospitals in the state have one in the same city according to columnist Chris Powell.

But the liberals wanted to tell practicing Catholics that they disapproved of their beliefs on abortion. That’s what that the Plan B bill was all about. That was the reason and that was the only reason. We did not have a real problem in the first place and what glitch existed could have been easily fixed.

The legislature in fact went far out of its way to confront the Catholic Church and affiliated hospitals. They were spoiling for a fight. I was surprised how much they were allowed to get away with it by the press. Personally it made my blood boil and I am not even Catholic. Why didn’t the press sound the alarm and provide us with roll call votes? We heard more about the elephant bull hook ban (or what ever you call it) than we did about the chemical abortion bill.

The Church is considering a lawsuit. I will be disappointed if they don’t sue. I think they would win in federal court. I guess the big problem for them is the money.

We hear much from medial liberals about the separation between Church and state. Well that separation goes both ways.

Religion is something the state should leave alone. Leave people to their beliefs to the extent possible.


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