Saturday, February 24, 2007

Williams Thinks Growth is so Out of Control it Needs a Weed Whacker

Liberal Democrat State Senate President Pro Tempore Donny Williams is pissing me off again!

Just what planet is this guy from? Doesn’t he know a single person outside the Capital and his circle of lawyer buddies? If he did he would know that people need jobs around here. The national economy is humming right along but things are at a stand still in Eastern Connecticut because of our grotesquely bloated state government is taxing us all to death.

It wasn’t that long ago that Franklin Farms announced that they had no choice but to leave Connecticut. Super-high taxes and poor roads and other costs were the main reasons they had to move out of their namesake town of Franklyn. And what did Williams offer?

Fuel cells.

Too little, way to late and the wrong remedy to boot. What an insult on top of injury. The CEO must have just rolled his eyes as he packed his suitcase at a quicker pace as he heard Donny’s solution.

I wish Franklin Farms well and don't blame them a bit.

What would have helped were a few tax cuts, a little (or a lot) restraint on spending and a Route Six Expressway would have been nice.

This small little story peeks inside Donny's mind. "

These sneering references to economic growth tell it all. Maybe more than he intended.

We have an opportunity to balance quality of life with rationale growth. And if we manage that properly, reasonable growth and rationale economic development, we can hang on to the quality of life here that is so truly New England."

“Rationale growth” ?

“Reasonable growth” ?

How about any growth at all? And he said this to business leaders no less.

Nope. Taxes are still way to low.

OK Donny. See you in November.


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