Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sounding More Like a Senator All The Time

"That seat does not belong to Chris Dodd. It belongs to the people of Connecticut."


-- And that’s something I have heard before from Rob Simmons.

Rob said much the same thing on election night at his headquarters the first time he beat Joe Courtney. Simmons said that about himself and the seat he occupied and just reclaimed for another two years.

On the drive home I kept thinking of that. That attitude is what I admire most about Rob Simmons. He's different from the others. Other pols call the seat they occupy as theirs -- "my seat".

And they mean it. The seat is their property. ‘It will snatched from their cold dead hands’.

Its not just liberals either. A lot of Republicans I know that hold or have held office think the same thing. That ain't right.

Senator Simmons. I like it!


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