Sunday, December 13, 2009

Disallowed Speach -- "Abortion Is Murder"

There are just some things that liberals just don't want to hear. For all their talk about diversity, liberals really can't stand people -- or speech -- that is not exactly like their own.

The Norwich Bulletin, in order to attract interest in its website version of the paper, has a comment section on the bottom of most stories and opinions.
This letter by Mr. Mark T. Kalinowski o-pined about the evil of abortion, but then concluded that it still should be between a mother and her doctor. I responded to that simply "Abortion is Murder".

I checked back latter and the post was erased (I rewrote it at least twice with the same result) seemingly because somehow what I said was ummmm... what?

Racist? Well no....

Sexist? Nope...

Homophobic? Oh come on!

The post was erased either by other readers hitting the "report" button or the webmaster because it was a assertion that liberals just don't want in the public square. Now precisely why is that? They have tolerated the most hateful exchanges between liberals and conservatives on lot of other subjects. Why is abortion special?

I think I know the answer to that. Deep down the Pro-Abortionists (yes Virginia, there is such a thing) know what they advocate is the killing of innocent children.

That must be the reason. Otherwise, why pull the plug? Everything I post now disappears automatically. Is this what we have to look forward to in the age of Obama? --Words that are to dangerous to be heard just disappear in a blink? Will their next be a knock at my door? Yes, it can happen here if we let it.
Are we going to allow it then?

This is a time to be vigilent of not only our own rights but those of others. We can only protect them if we stand together. Whether you agree with my words or not, you should stand up next to me and defend my right to say them.

Journalists should know that better than anyone else.... or so you would have thought.....

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