Thursday, December 24, 2009

Time Magazine’s Sticky Fingers

If you are in what used to be called a record store and you are offered free magazines, take my advice and tell them NO. Not only will you be hooked into an un-free subscription once the free part is over, they will years latter spontaneously enroll you in a magazine you never ordered at all and of course bill your credit card.

I was suspicious something was up when I started getting Time Magazine in the mail which I never ordered. I have hated that particular despicable publication since the 1980's not because it leftwing, but because their reporting is often boldface lies and anti-American. Why would I want to read that trash much less pay to read it?

So launched an investigation. I will be damned if this rag is going to get any of my hard earned money particularly if they are in as much trouble as the liberal newspapers that are all going broke. I don't want to save it.
I called Time Magazine and they referred me to the swindling company they do business with to get subscriptions. I was on hold for the better part of an hour. I got them to cancel it and I found out they already billed my credit card. Nice huh? They refunded the money once caught.

It is true that about two years ago, I cancelled Newsweek and others in a deal I did sign up for (I never ordered Time). Before I had to pay, I cancelled them. I thought that was smart; no? I took advantage of them.
But no. You can't trust them. Those thieving trolls kept my credit card number on file that I used to buy my CDs and they used it years latter out of the blue. I wonder how many others they did that to who passively shrugged it off. The lesson relearned is you got to watch your money like a hawk.
There is always someone after it using clever ways to rip you off.



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