Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dick Blumenthal and the Croakley Factor

Well the Oracle of Norwich has spoken!

Notice how Mr. Hackett painted all the senate candidates as in dire straights except his favorite candidate Dick Blumenthal? You would almost have to think that the election will just be a formality unless you stop and think for yourself.

Mr. Hackett's wishful-thinking analysis belies the reality behind it. His candidate has the same inherent weaknesses that his counterpart Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Croakley did. Blumenthal, like Croakley, firstly just doesn't get it. They are just not one of us. Croakley and Blumenthal are slick lawyers who live in their lawyer-world that is totally detached from ours, when what we need is someone real.

What does he intend to do as senator since he cant even initiate one of his nuisance lawsuits from that perch? I think he picked the wrong year to make his move.

People are going to be asking questions that he has no foggy idea how to answer. Where is he on ObamaCare? We the People don't want it. How is he going to straddle that one?

If Blumenthal wants ObamaCare than we don't want Blumenthal. Its just that simple. Watch that 30 point he has nose-dive like Croakley's lead did when people start asking him questions (questions that the Norwich Bulletin should have already asked).

Blumenthal cant coast forever. The press has given him a free ride thus far but that is about to end.

Just as Blumenthal has a lot in common with the ill fated Croakley, I think Rob Simmons and Daria Novak have a lot of the same potential and good qualities that Scott Brown has.

Simmons and Novak are right on the issues, they are just like us and both oppose ObamaCare and oppose this reckless spending and over-printing of money.

Scott overtook a 30 point deficit and defeated Ray Hacketts candidate not by magic, not on his good looks, but because Scott was right on the issues. We don't need useless lawyers like Croakley. Blumenthal and Joe Courtney. They and people just like them are the ones that got us in this mess in the first place. We need real people to deal with real issues facing us.

I think Simmons and Novak are not only going to be contenders, I think they are going to win just like Scott Brown did.

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