Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Mercy for the Pitiless

It just cant be a coincidence. Every time --that is every single time -- I read one of these obnoxiously pious, sanctimonious, self-righteous, holier than thou, elitist opinions on how the Death Penalty should be abolished, they never say anything about the victims.

Why is that?

You would think that even if the sympathy wasn't sincerely felt that they would at least anticipate that it might be politically wise to put in a word of two about those whose lives were extinguished without pity.

But no.

Why is that? Don't victims count? Don't widows and widowers count? Don't parents who are faced with the unnatural reality that they have outlived one of their children count?

Why don't Media Liberals address the victim issue in these opinions? Why don't they explain to us why the terror the victims felt as their killers tightened their hands around their throats isn't worth the trouble of putting their killers to death?

Why don't they explain how the victims of the family should just get over it? and 'move on'?

Why don't they bring up specific cases and explain why that ultimate crime is not worth the ultimate punishment?

What about Cop-Killers?

What about terrorism?

Do liberals advocate that we just give Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the mastermind of 9-11, a life term of free meals in a room without a view for the rest of his days? Would that be a just sentence in light of his crimes against all of humanity?

Has the writer of this editorial ever sat down before they wrote this editorial and contemplated about the terror the victims went through and the worth of their short lives? Some were so terrified that they leaped off the building. Did he think about them before they wrote this? If he did, there is no indication whatever.

The 9-11 terrorists murdered three thousand of our countrymen and yet the Death Penalty should be off the table. The max they should get is a 4 X4 cell without a view and three squares a day.

The 9-11 terrorists executions will be far more humane than the deaths of their victims suffered through, that's for sure. Some of our countrymen were buried or burned alive and suffered unimaginable pain and confusion before they mercifully died.

Then there are those that bravely ran into the burning buildings to rescue complete strangers and never came back out. What are those lives worth?

-- or not worth?

I remember one picture of a woman finding her way through a crack one of the 9-11 towers and looking at the helicopter that must have taken the picture. That lady needless to say did not find the help she was looking for. She is dead. If she didn't jump, she perished at the tower collapsed. I cant get her out of my mind. I wish to God that I could forget that haunting image.

Sorry. Every time I reconsider my position on the Death Penalty, I come back to the victims and the terror they must have gone through especially as all hope died for their rescue.

What about the home invasion in Cheshire? Dr. William Petit lost his entire family. His wife and daughters aged 17 and 11. He is all alone now.

Tell me what else would you do with the killers of three people, let alone three thousand?

And besides we don't call it the Capital Deterrent. We call it Capital Punishment.

We execute those who have earned it. If there is any deterrent effect, (and there has got to be), that is just an unexpected bonus.

Personally I think Death Penalty Reform should be about bringing back Old Sparky. I am an old fashioned kind of guy.

--- Not about leniency for first degree killers. I do feel sorry for the murderers as they are put through the process but that pity is tempered by my pity for the victims.


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