Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why is the Left Afraid of Daria and Sarah?

Curiously absent from ECSU’s news release among the names of candidates that will speak at the Conservative Candidates Forum was Republican congressional candidate Daria Novak.

Was this an honest oversight? It would be naive to think so. Every other candidate I am aware of was mentioned, but not the lady that is likely to be Congressman Joe Courtney’s successor.

Elsewhere in the same edition of the Willimantic Chonicle was an article about a speech Sarah Palin gave at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. The Chronicle purposely used an unflattering picture of the beautiful Palin in a conspicuous attempt to portray her as foolish. When the Chronicle runs a picture of President Obama they always use one that makes him look regal. Further the Reuters wire story described Palin as a “polarizing figure” yet they never describe Obama that way when he is even more so.

Why is it that liberals can’t tell a story straight when it comes to conservative women? Are they that afraid of conservatives with two X chromosomes that they have to stoop to these low-ball tactics?

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