Saturday, August 25, 2007

Armed With A Sword

When ever I hear these pleas for leniency from liberals for violent criminals I hear not one word of sympathy for the victims. Why is that? You would think that even if the empathy isn’t heartfelt that they would at least realize it’s politically wise to put in a word or two for the person that had his or her life unwillingly snuffed out.

But no. They don't count.

How about that ex-cop Bobby Cutts Jr. that is accused of murdering his girlfriend and his unborn baby girl? If found guilty, what other punishment is appropriate other than execution?

“Mommy is in the rug”.

If that does not break your heart than you simply just don’t have one.

Nope. Sorry. Some crimes are so horrific and mean that they call for one, and just one, punishment -- death.

I read in the paper that the baby named Chloe was viable. She did not have to die. That’s double murder. Thank goodness that little boy made it out alive. If *Dad* knew the boy was old enough to testify against him in court he might not have. His sister was not so lucky.

Retribution is a part of justice. Lady Justice is blind AND is armed with a sword.

And liberals would have her not use it? If she didn’t than it would not be justice.

Justice for all. Including the victims.


Blogger PoorGrrl said...

Bravo! Even the Bible says that the state does not bear the sword in vain. Liberals, especially the supposedly Christian ones, would do well to remember that.

August 25, 2007 6:09 PM  

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