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Christopher R. Bigelow and The Death of Right and Wrong

If you are not careful liberals will try to slip things by hoping no one will challenge them. The idea is if they can get away with this enough times than an often repeated lie can become the truth.

A case in point is global warming. It is now a fact even though its frigid outside at the moment. This lie has been repeated so often that the proponents have clearly won. They claim the debate is over and for the most part they are right.

It will take 10 thousand years to un-prove this “fact”.

Another case is over at the blog “Connecticut Local Politics ,“Genghis Conn” (whose real name is Christopher R. Bigelow) tried to get this line past without challenge:

“Abstinence-only education sounds great, of course, except that it doesn’t work”

Mr. Bigelow goes on to say “Nor does sex education actually encourage sexual activity, as some claim (trust me, watching your middle-aged science teachers put condoms on a banana is about the least sexy thing there is). Not that that’s going to stop opponents of the bill”.

So what I did was spring the “Name That Tune” maneuver on him.

Hold it right there. You are not going to slip that by unchallenged.

Who says abstinence “doesn’t work”?

Of course it works!

Does abstinence have to be 100 percent or it is a failure? What’s the standard here? If we can’t save them all than we are going to throw them all overboard?

Upon precisely what does Mr. Bigelow base his contention that abstinence “does not work” except for the occasional loser that gets knocked up?

I went to school in the 1980’s and there was just one knocked-up girl there.
By Mr. Bigelow’s standard abstinence “did not work” because ONE out of hundreds and hundreds of kids that went through the system (some of us were even virgins!) got pregnant while I was there.

Abstinence Failed at Ellis Tech in the 1980’s because of just one pregnancy. The war is lost. Total failure so lets give up the concept of abstinence!

But Mr. Bigelow isn’t really talking about high school kids. He is talking about 10 and 12 year olds --- or even younger children.

Simply put, little kids do not have sexual needs. Mr. Bigelow should read Tammy Bruce’s “The Death of Right and Wrong” before he advocate sexualizing little boys and girls. I should note that Mr. Bigelow apparently has no children of his own.

Chapter 7 “Destruction of the Innocents: The Left Targets Children”

“Perhaps some of you as parents think these messages are helpful and that’s fine. For you. My beef here is that any message to children about sexuality belongs in the hands of parents, not strangers in positions of authority, frankly like teachers. Certainly we at least owe youngsters a childhood protected from the valueless machinations of troubled adults”.

Virginity is not a bad thing. I am so sick and tired of liberals trying to steal the innocence away from little kids. If I was blessed with kids I would not let the public school monsters anywhere near them. I see them as a threat.

My kids would be home taught or sent to a Catholic school. I am appalled at what public schools have degraded into since I was a student.

Kids can’t grow up these days without being molested or turned into sluts.

I am no prude (trust me!) but its WRONG to be sexualizing children under the guise of “education”.

I have no problem with egg meet sperm education. That isn’t and never was the issue. I want the Teachers Unions to stay out of the values business particularly since they have the values of pigs.

The unions have this whole twisted, perverted agenda and they are ramming it down the kids’throats. I am continually reminded of Phyllis Schlafly's book "Child abuse in the Classroom" because that's what this is -- abuse.

We have a program in Windham whereby any student no matter how young can demand from school officials and get condoms or birth control pills without the parents’ knowledge.

I don't want the teachers teaching kids about alternative lifestyles. Leave that subject to the parents where it belongs. I live an alternative lifestyle so no one can't tag me with being homophobic.

I don't want kids being shown how to put a condom on in school. I think it’s pretty obvious anyway. The reason why they want to put a condom on a banana in front of ten year olds makes my skin crawl.

If kids are caught having sex in school I want them both suspended.

I don't want the stigma of teenage pregnancy removed by the school adminstrations. It is shameful and should remain so.

I don’t want the teachers pushing their pro-abortion views on the kids. Again that’s the parent’s turf.

I want teachers and the state to mind their own business. They do enough damage as it is.

I am of the novel belief that parents should do the parenting. Predictably the excuse they use to counter that argument is that some parents are bad at being parents.

If we can’t save them all they rationalize than we shall drag them all down to the same level as your typical porn superstar.

I shouldn’t say that because that surely will be their next step – showing porn in the class room to show them how’s it done so there is no uncertainty. The next step will be live models.

It is an American tragedy what is being passed off as enlightenment now a days.


Blogger Seane-Anna said...

Hey little brother! I see you've been a busy little bee lately. Great!

This is an awesome post. There are so many good points in it. I especially like the fact that you took Mr. Bigelow to task for apparently believing that anything less than 100% success constitutes failure for abstinence-based sex ed (ASE).

You're right, Mac. One, or 10, or 20 pregnant girls out of hundreds of students in a given school does NOT mean ASE has failed. If that's Mr. Bigelow's definition of failure then what about all the girls who get pregnant after taking "comprehensive" sex ed (CSE) classes? Doesn't that prove that CSE is a failure?

Of course, Mr. Bigelow would say no. Like all liberals he's willing to accept a less than perfect success record for left-wing programs while demanding an almost impossibly high success rate for conservative ones. Can you say double standard? I knew you could!

March 10, 2008 5:00 PM  
Blogger mccommas said...

You are pretty smart for a young lass! I wish I was as smart as you when I was your age.

March 15, 2008 4:42 PM  

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