Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Connecticut Local Politics shuts down debate Columbia University Style

As one of my favorite columnist Mona Charen once said “Liberals are poor losers”

--- and they certainly are! To this day they have not accepted their twin losses to George W. Bush.

Locally a few years ago liberals would not allow Conservative writer Ann Coulter speak at the podium at an event UCONN College Republicans financially sponsored. Miss Coulter literally could not speak above the noise. Her manner was “Oh, this again”.

Liberals throw pies at conservative speakers in an effort to stop them from stating their opinions.

Dan Flynn in his book “Why the Left Hates America” writes of case after case of sore loser liberals who have run out of arguments and have resorted to censorship and bully tactics.

So it is with some pride that I now join the ranks of the censored. My words are now to appealing and convincing to allow them to remain on a website like ‘Connecticut Local Politics”.

I posted a response to this liberal trash:


I repeated much of what I said earlier there and in my blog entry “Christopher R. Bigelow and The Death of Right and Wrong”. Mr. Bigelow certainly didn’t like what I said then, but yesterday I guess his temper got the better of him

Mr. Bigelow hit the nuclear option – censorship.

The only thing different in this now erased post was I pointed out that the woman this aynonomous “CGG” sited as an expert, Susan Yolen, a name very familiar to me.

Back a few years ago Republican State Rep. Pete Nystrom wanted to make killing an infant in Connecticut in the womb a crime. Susan Yolen opposed the bill.

That’s a fact. Yolen would have rather had the killing of a wanted fetus by a third party go unpunished even if that put her in the same corner as murderers of pregnant women.

And this is the same person that “CGG” (who ever that is!) wants in charge of educating 10 year olds on sex.

Now that’s kind of scary. Say what you will about Joycelyn Elders, she never defended the murderers of pregnant women.

Apparently I made my argument only to well and my words vanished in the middle of the night.

The Democrat Party is so obsessed with abortion that anything remotely to do with it is a sacred cow. This is a long list that includes Abortion at the most extremes, contraception, the Catholic Faith, condom distribution in schools, and as we have here “Sex Education”,

That’s “Sex Education” in quotes because there is a huge social agenda associated to the basic lesson of sperm meets egg. This is about the state covertly wresting from the parents all concepts of morality and replacing it.

Liberals for all their talk about diversity really can’t stand people who are not exactly like themselves. Somehow parents can’t be trusted to teach children the finer points of morality and sexuality. Liberals hate the concepts of chastity, wholesomeness, innocence and abstinence.

“Abstinence does not work”!,

“Abstinence does not work”!,

“Abstinence does not work”! they chant over and over.

In the place of the parent’s teachings, the state wants to instill in the child the idea that sex is OK at any age. They want to give them the green light. As long as it feels good than it’s OK so long as you wear a condom

--- and they will show they how!

Where does this twisted desire to tear down the walls of Western Civilization come from?

One thing is for certain. The children are not better off for it. Conservatives have fundamentally lost on this issue more than 25 years ago and we see the results of that loss. Teenage pregnancy is so prevalent that schools now have daycare centers for the children of children.

Most telling of the Left’s failure is the lack of joy and innocence in our children. Can the conservatives have been all wrong?

We will never know unless the debate is allowed to begin again.


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