Saturday, August 09, 2008

Banning Jesus Christ

Its official. Jesus Christ finally has been banned in the public square. -- Well that is unless He is not in a beaker full of piss upside down as an government subsidized art exhibit that is.

Charles C. Haynes who claims to be a "senior scholar" at the so-called"First Amendment Center"
wrote this piece of trash that appeared in the local rag. The occasion was his reveling in the verdict of Turner v. Fredericksburg. This flagged draped organization is in fact a liberal front of religion-hating Catholic Bashers. Don't be fooled by the patriotic name. The intentions of this group are far from patriotic.

More and more we see government through its unelected liberal judges interfering and demeaning religion at every given opportunity. And the Old Media, the Norwich Bulletin included, never fails to gloat in times like these. The supposed concept of a wall between Church and State is constantly used as a weapon against religion itself. Simply and bluntly put, Liberals don't like religion because religion teaches us there is a difference between right and wrong.
Liberals like Mr. Haynes misconstrue that kind of spiritual certainty as intolerance.

The message we keep getting from liberals and the liberal media is that religion is bad and Catholicism is the worst of all. The self-destructive need of liberals to tear down the walls of Western Civilization will be the downfall of America if we allow it continue.
Humans need spiritual guidance and the United States is a Christian nation. It is simply the arrogance of contemporary liberals to assume that things will just naturally fall into place all by themselves. Look to history and you will find prayer in times of great peril. That prayer and spiritual guidance brought us through the darkest moments in our history. We emerged wiser and stronger.
Or at least some of us did.
The civil rights movement for example was inexorably intertwined with Christianity. What about the injustice of slavery and discrimination? That's something modern liberals certainly oppose, at least in hindsight. What about the bravery those who stood up against it, both Black and White? Some paid with their lives. If this the mindset of modern anti-religion liberals was the standard in the 1960s than Blacks would in all likelihood still be disenfranchised.
What if the Reverend Martin Luther King was banned from uttering the name of Jesus Christ at any public event? Would things have unfolded exactly the same way? I think liberals to easily forget the Reverend King convinced whites of his message primary on religious grounds. They literally saw the Light.
Fastforward to the present and you have to be an atheist Catholic-basher to be thought of as sophisticated and enlightened.
Lets not throw away all of our old fashioned values Mr. Hayne. With respect, we still have some ways to go. We have not reached our destination yet. Let's not throw away the tools that got us this far.
As for Sandra Day OConnor (Ronald Reagan's worst mistake), I hope she goes back into permanent retirement. We have endured enough of her re-writing the Constitution to last us two lifetimes.



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