Saturday, November 08, 2008

Christopher Coutu Does Not Take Orders From the Bulletin

The Bulletin’s editorial “Coutu’s best course is to quit council” is just plain illogical.

No case has been made (much less a compelling one) why State Rep. Elect Christopher Coutu should quit before he has to.

There is no great mystique how the legislature works. The Bulletin has brought up this shit twice now. Imagine a bunch of mean, snot-nosed kids fighting over a ball.

That pretty much sums up the legislature.

Considering what Coutu has already accomplished in his life, adapting to the circus in Hartford will be cake.

I suspect the Bulletin has some personal resentment toward Coutu unrelated to his credentials. Could it be simply that Coutu whooped Bulletin Buddy Jack Malone?

Even in a year such as this, the Bulletin is miffed that voters did not clip out their endorsement editorials and sneak them into the booth on election day.

Liberals are such sore losers.


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