Sunday, October 05, 2008

Justice Makes a Come-Back: O.J. Simpson Guilty on All Counts

-- including the two counts of murder in the first degree he got away with in 1995 and will never serve time for. Even many of Simpson's fans like Hartford Courant columnist Stanley Simpson (no relation) and one of his family members admit he is at least "probably guilty. Simpson even admitted it himself (sort of) with his unpublished book "If I Did It".
Yeah right. If he did it.....
I just think its so fitting that after getting away with these killings, after all the work it took to fool that jury ( if they were fooled), that Simpson would piss it all away for a pile of junk.
-- A heap of worthless garbage.
If he gets the max Simpson will serve 15 years. What Simpson really deserved is the Death Penalty 13 years ago. Now he can sit in jail and agonize what a fool he was.



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