Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Farewell Jennifer Dunn

I would watch C-SPAN for hours and no one was better to watch than the congresswoman from Washington State. Congresswoman Jenn Dunn was one of my favorites. She was described as "unflappable" in one of her obituaries -- something of a massive understatement.

She was exceptionally articulate arguing against former Congressman Sam Gejdenson's so-called campaign finance "reform".

Liberals must have winced when they saw Jenn coming towards to podium to debate them. I never saw anyone, Democrat or Republican, win an argument with Jenn Dunn.

I was shocked a moment ago watching the Republican National Convention. They took a few moments to pay a tribute to members who have passed away. I recognised few of them, but Jennifer's name sent me up stairs to the computer to see if it was really true.
Sadly it was.

I had hoped Jennifer would run for the U.S. Senate but she knew she had a life to get back to. Jenn put in her time and knew when it was time for her to go. Perhaps as a gift for all her good works, Jenn never suffered as she was called back home. I was thankful to read that at least.

I have always looked up to Jenn. Now I will have to look up a wee bit higher.



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