Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christopher Coutu Has it Right

I really like what this young guy says. State Rep-elect Coutu acknowledges he is not an "expert" in this, this and the other thing but so what?

Coutu right says that the incumbents have forgotten the values of the average man. We are overdue for a correction.

The incumbent Democrats have increased taxes beyond the ability to pay, temporary taxes have become permanent ones and funding not going where is supposed to go.

The supposed expertise in how the Capital works that Norwich Bulletin Editor Ray Hackett imagines is so important is in fact worthless. Hackett doesn’t understand that his friends have not been doing the job.

My Dad always told me that no one is indispensable. As good as you think you are, they can always muddle through without you. The Capital will do just fine without Jack Malone.

It would do even better if other liberal incumbents such as Don Williams and Denise Merrill were similarly replaced.

Connecticut can’t afford any more expertise from these liberals.


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