Friday, January 21, 2011

Connelly and Katz Are Gone. Ding Dong the Witches Are Dead!

There are just two people in politics that were on my enemy list and they both blew themselves up this year. The year has only began. What a pity I am out of enemies. I could not be happier dirtbag John Connelly is out as well as Cop-Killer Sympathizer FORMER Supreme Court Justice J. Katz. This Republican and that Democrat are two of a kind so far as I am concerned. We owe our lawenforcement much and these two betrayed our boys in two different and unforgiveable ways. I have address Katz before.

It certainly was “bad judgment” (--the understatement of the month) for this soulless lawyer to attempt to make a name for himself in the legal community by becoming the first to convict a Police Officer of murder while in his official capacity. The only problem is that a good cop and a good shooting stood in the way. Connelly using all his sleazy psychological tricks was aided by the Hartford Courant (OK, maybe I still have one more enemy to cross off that list) which turned this meritless case into about race, and nothing but race.

I recall one quote in the New London Day that the mob that showed up at the courthouse in support of the so-called "victim" knew Officer Scott Smith was a racist based on his military style haircut. That was the case against Smith in a nutshell.

This unholy alliance snookered a really stupid jury into convicting a good cop who took out a punk in self-defense. The case was thrown out by the Supreme Court supposedly on technical grounds, but I think that was just hogwash. They saw the injustice of the decision and went shopping for something in which they could use as an excuse for a do-over. The case was eventually settled. CONelly was humiliated.

Katz for once sided with the cop, and that may be the only good decision she ever made even if she did it only because she hates this piece of shit as much as I do.

Good riddance to both. Don't come calling again.

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