Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democrats, Media Infringe on Free Speech, Too

For The Norwich Bulletin:

The Norwich Bulletin’s selective standards on free speech’s principals strikes again! The May 23 editorial, “Good came of speech suit,” was right as far as it went, but why won’t the editorial board criticize liberal Democrats when they do the same thing?

Case in point, in 2006 state Sen. Donald Williams, D-Brooklyn,
proposed a bill designed to ensure truthful campaign advertising and fight negative campaigning. Williams’ bill included speech codes, punitive fines for untrue, or misleading speech, a censorship committee and yet we didn’t hear a peep from the Bulletin. Why not?

Williams’ so called "Citizens Review Panel" would naturally be appointed by incumbents. Williams wants to invent these patronage positions to reward his supporters and further entrench Democrats in office. If ever Williams is threatened, he can use this committee as a tool to discredit any talking points against him.After all, what is misleading or untrue in politics is usually a matter of opinion.

Williams apparently doesn’t trust voters to distinguish the difference, and apparently the Bulletin silently agrees.

John R. McCommas

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