Sunday, May 04, 2008

Boycott the Norwich Bulletin?

Here is a new website that is worth looking at. I used to be a news junky. Back in the 1980's when I was stationed in Mayport Florida, I absorbed three papers a day. I could not get enough. These days on my way to work I whiz right by the Norwich Bulletin box I used to buy from. I have become not only discouraged by the news but by the slanted reporting. I still look at the Bulletin from time to time but our love affair is over.

The following is from this new website's
"Why Boycott the Norwich Bulletin".

For years the Norwich Bulletin was the hometown newspaper for Windham and New London counties, we have watched how their left leaning ideology has snaked its way into how they view the world and the surrounding communities they are supposed to represent.
Many of us have become tired of the biased news and opinions of the Norwich Bulletin editors and many of it’s reporters. Their half truths, their propaganda, their spin and their lack of reporting both sides of every story has become legend in this region of Connecticut. They are well known for their editing of major points and facts in the submitted letters to the editor, sometimes rendering the authors point useless or making the entire letter the opposite of it’s original meaning. Many of us have cancelled our subscriptions and our hope is to urge more people to cancel their subscriptions until they can become a more balanced source of news. Let the free markets decide if this company is to survive because they appear to be alienating at least half of it’s customers.
We had hoped that when
Gatehouse Media took new ownership of the Norwich Bulletin that they would have cleaned house (so to speak) and started fresh with a more evenly balanced group of publishers, editors, and reporters, but that hasn’t happened and until it does, most of us will continue our boycott.
We have a blog area for each town that the Norwich Bulletin covers and if anyone is interested in adding to the news that the Norwich Bulletin leaves out your town, please contact the administrator at and pending approval, we’ll get you registered as a blogger. We do ask that only facts as you know them will be posted, we also ask our readers to not post any vulgar or attack type comments because they will be deleted.
The comment section is for comments from boycottnorwichbulletin community of readers. Don’t assume that that the administrators agree with or endorse any particular comment just because it’s left to stand in the comment section. We are not responsible for the comments of our posters.
Anyone who fails to comply with the
terms of use may lose his or her posting privilege. We also request that you read the Bloggers’ FAQ - Online Defamation Law
We also have had numerous e-mails asking for a list of the Norwich Bulletins advertisers so our readers can contact them to let them know how dissatisfied they are that they would advertise their business with such a unfair and biased newspaper. Here is the list, along with the contact name, number or email. Feel free to boycott them also.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice Blog, I think that many of us have become tired of the Norwich Bulletins leftist slant.

May 05, 2008 8:55 AM  
Blogger Seane-Anna said...

Hi Mac! So your local paper has gone so far left that it's time for a boycott? Damn! So many papers are going or have already gone in that direction. And what's interesting is that drastic drops in subscriptions and readers doesn't seem to register with the editors, writers, and reporters for such papers. They just keep turning out their left-wing drivel and then blame their falling readership on Bill O'Reilly. Sigh.

May 06, 2008 4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it looks like the reporter from the Norwich Bulletin is just a wee bit upset about the new blog. They posted his e-mail letter.

May 06, 2008 6:40 PM  

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