Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Bulletin's Veterans Hoax

This whole thing is a hoax. Apparently the Norwich Bulletin hasn't caught on that its Secretary of the State Secretary "Sledgehammer" Bysiewicz (also known as Connecticut OTHER Attorney General) is trying to cover up her previous embarrassment.

Check it out:

This and This and THAT !

The Norwich Bulletin would be wise to try to read a wider breath of material than just press releases of liberals in government it supports.

This case is reminiscent of Dan Rather’s un-doing. Those documents of his were fake and so is the Norwich Bulletin’s story. This isn’t even a new hoax. This so called issue was refuted months ago.

Furthermore I challenge the Norwich Bulletin’s apparent contention that Bysiewicz is “nonpartisan”. In fact that woman is one of the most partisan in the state.

I also won’t let the idea that the League of Women Voters is “nonpartisan”. Those women are lobbyists that testify in committee if favor of every liberal piece of legislation that is proposed. That’s hardly “nonpartisan”. They should be renamed The League of Liberal Women Lobbyists”.

The Norwich Bulletin and the liberal politicians they support with its propaganda are not interested in protecting the people right to vote unless they are voting the way they want them too.
If this amateur attempt of brainwashing fools you then there is no hope for you.

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Blogger mccommas said...

-- I left this message as a comment on this story.

And it has been deleted twice.

The first time it was taken off in scant minutes! Right before my eyes.

The Bulletin has the following "Pool Rules".

1, Keep it clean.

2, Stay on topic.

3. Be honest and accurate.

4, No personal attacks. Don't bash anyone based on their race, creed, heritage, or orientation.

5, Don't say anything here you wouldn't say in front of your mother at the dinner table.

And the 7th unwritten "Pool Rule" is for conservatives ONLY. "Don't you dare make your argument to convincing"

August 10, 2008 6:06 AM  
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