Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Victim Likely Suffered More Than Criminal

To The Editor Of The Day:

Gee, it's too bad that the execution of Angel Nieves Diaz in Jacksonville, Fla., was “botched” and he had to suffer some. Admittedly, nobody knows the extent of his “suffering,” but what about the man he murdered? I'm pretty sure he suffered a lot more than did Mr. Diaz.
Mr. Diaz's niece said, “The excruciating pain and torture my uncle went through for 34 minutes — he was literally crucified.”
Florida, beware. It sounds to me as though you are probably going to be in for a substantial lawsuit. Oh, well, perhaps she needs the money.

Andy Noel


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ace Reporter

Dear Ray Hackett

I am wondering when you were going to get around to asking Congressman-elect Joe Courtney a few tough questions about the people he associates with.

Like “Whats a crook like John Murtha doing as chairman of the
House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee”?

Was Courtney one of the 86 within the Democrat caucus that voted for Murtha for Majority Leader? I want to know. Please ask him next chance you get. That is not public information. They kept that vote secret (little wonder) but you can sure ask him and get him on the record one way or the other.

Wasn’t Courtney concerned about this guy being an unindicted co-conspirator in the Abscam FBI sting opertation that convicted a U.S. Senator, six Congressman and the Mayor of
Camden, New Jersey?

And now he is going to make decisions that will affect Eastern Connecticut. Is that good or bad for us?

This is what Murtha said “I'm not interested... at this point" in direct response to an offer of $50,000 --- cold hard case litterly piled up on a table right next to the crooked congressman.

“At this point”

That’s definitely one of those things that makes me go hummmmmm.

Have you watched the FBI video?

This is it:


The entire time Murtha is fishing around hinting he wants to play but won’t untill he is secure enough with the the undercover FBI agents – well-- aren’t undercover FBI agents.

At a minimum Murtha was in clear violation of not reporting the attempted bribe to the House Ethics Committee. That clearly indicates to me while Murtha didn’t take the cold hard cash that day, he intended to take the cold hard cash when he felt it was safe to do so.

According to Wikipedia, “In July 1981, the House Ethics Committee chose not to file charges against Congressman Murtha, following a mostly party line vote. The resignation later that day of Republican E. Barrett Prettyman, Jr., the panel's special counsel, has been interpreted as an act of protest.”

Murtha wants to reinstating
the draft.

Does Courtney agree with him?

I look forward to reading your hard hitting news story soon.

Your pal,

John McCommas
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