Sunday, April 08, 2007


The Norwich Bulletin writes of the "Rell Plan" like such a plan exists.

Her "plan" is DOA --DEAD ON ARRIVAL.

Why should the towns accept a spending cap when Rell won't accept one mandated by the Connecticut Constitution? She just cast it aside as if it was meaningless.

It matters not whether the state is picking my right pocket or the town is stealing my money from my left. It’s still my money and it all comes from the same place. I have not gotten a whopper pay-raise recently. Unlike Donny Williams, I can’t vote myself a $10,000 pay-raise.

I will have to pay for the Rell-Williams tax increase by doing without something. And to think I was dreaming of a vacation this year! I guess that’s out the window now.

At least with the town, we can fight the increases. The town has to listen to us and sometimes we can produce limited success.

With the state there is no budget referendum I can vote against. We just have to accept whatever budget they pass.

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