Monday, September 28, 2009

Boycott the Credit Card Cheaters

John R. McCommas
29 Kathleen Drive U-7A
Willimantic CT 06226

Dear Chase Credit Card

I just got off the phone with two of your representatives. I questioned why you people would charge me a $17.07 finance fee when I paid off the balance (almost 1000 dollars) last month.

I paid on time and the representatives didn’t dispute that the bill was paid in full and on time.

They insisted I still owed you $17.07 to hold a zero balance. They told me that you people charge interest daily even on bills paid on time, but I don’t understand why last month’s statement did not include last month’s interest. This is a shell game with no pea.

I just got off the phone with a representative from my Bank of America credit and she said that if I paid off my balance today with them that there would not be any reason to charge me interest on a zero balance. She assured me I would get no bill next month for a finance charge as you did with me.

Why is it that Bank of America can some how figure out how to charge me interest in such a way that my statement reflects accurately what I owe them in a given month and you can not?

I asked your representatives that this bullshit charge be taken off. Given the money you people have made off of me, with your rip-off interest rates, I did not think this was too much to ask. Your representative and her supervisor did not agree.

Therefore I want this account closed.

I am paying your $17.07 bullshit charge and it will be the last you get from me unless of course you have other sneaky charges and fees you want to apply before my account is closed

I am posting this letter on Facebook and my blog so my family and friends know how you do business. If they have accounts with you, I am advising them to close theirs as well.

John R. McCommas

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ray Hackett Cancels Election

For the Second Time veteran Bulletin Editor Ray Hackett has called off an election.

According to Hackett the Democrat primary will decide the next Governor. If you thought you were going to have a say, watch a debate, maybe cast a vote for your choice than you were sadly mistaken. It’s over unless you are a Democrat. Your voter card is null and void.

Ray Hackett has made a ruling and if you don’t like it than that’s just to bad.

Evidently the Democrats in the legislature will be overturning the Constitution and crowning the incumbent Democrats. Rell likely will say she disagrees with that but will let the law abolishing elections go into effect without her signature. She will however purse her lips un-approvingly and wag her finger.

Back on August 22nd – 15 months away from the election in November 2010 – Mr. Hackett said the Republicans have no hope on defeating Bulletin Buddy Joe Courtney.

Hackett wrote that very few people could name Courtney’s opponent. Well there is a reason for that of course – he doesn’t have an opponent yet. Courtney himself will not even be nominated until next summer – assuming he decides to run and does not have a primary. What’s more how many people can name Joe Courtney as their congressman? The man has gone into hiding since the furor erupted over the nationalized healthcare. He held one meeting! One! The majority of the people are not happy with what is going on in D.C.

Courtney’s name-rec is not all that wonderful as noted by Ed Munster at the last 2nd Congressional Convention here in Windham. Tellingly on Youtube the Bulletin was doing an interview with their favorite Congressman and it was so long they had to do it in twelve segments. As of right now the first video has been viewed 195 times. Part two has only been viewed 34 times.

Think about that for a moment. What explains that huge drop off? The last one was only viewed just 15 times and the Bulletin staff probably accounts for half of that.
What this disinterest tells me is that people are not interested in what Courtney has to say. That does not bode well for his chances of keeping his job.

It just amazes me that someone who is touted having seen it all twice can say that Joe Courtney is a shoo-in when there has been such a rebuke of Congress over issue after issue but particularly over Obama’s plan to takeover healthcare.

People are afraid that their coverage will be taken away. Seniors are afraid that funds that are presently used on them will be diluted so the government to cover 20 year olds. Dick Morris said they have good reason to be scared to death and evidently ace reporter Ray Hackett is unaware that seniors do tend to vote in elections.

Mr. Hackett’s contention that the election is over before it begins is one born of desperation. The Second Congressional District is always fought over and it has turned over a number of times. Just ask that other Bulletin Buddy Sam Gejdenson about that.

For the record their are currently two (and there may be more coming) candidates for the Republican nomination and they are

Matt Daly
Daria Novak

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Madonna Defeats Berdick in Griswold

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Congresswoman Daria Novak

With all due respect to Bulletin Editor Ray Hackett, the election has not been canceled.

I make it a rule not to endorse to early but this lady looks like a winner to me.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Pledge Me This Joe Courtney

I am not at all impressed with our congressman’s often touted “pledge” not to accept the congressional healthcare plan until Obamacare is passed. Big fucking whooptie do!

What would impress me would be if Joe Courtney pledged to not accept contributions from lawyers and law firms for the up coming election. Sleazy lawyers filing one meritless lawsuit after another is the real reason why our healthcare premiums are sky-rocketing at the same time our coverage diminishes. It is not because the insurance companies are mean.
According to, Courtney took nearly 220,000 dollars from lawyers and law firms in 2008 – far more than any other industry. Since 2006 Courtney has gobbled up $639,551 -- almost twice as much as the second biggest contributer class. At this rate he will probably exceed one million in the next election.

If Courtney (who is a lawyer himself) wants to prove he really is on our side he would support tort reform and not have take anymore of the lawyers’ money.
The lawyers’ interests and his constituents’ interests are mutually exclusive. Courtney can’t serve both interests at the same time. Courtney must choose whose side he is really on
--them or us.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Autherine Lucy: The Ladylike Heroine of 1956

Time and Again as they say. I snapped up a copy of the Middletown Press from March 2 1956 at the flea market today. I love reading these old papers to gain perspective. Its easy to forget nowadays there really was much to fear for a black woman even in the best country on Earth once upon a time.

Miss Autherine Lucy went to court with no less than Thurgood Marshall as her lawyer and won the right to attend the University of Alabama in
Lucy v. Adams. A racist, angry mob though did not allow her to attend. The punks literally chased her away and the bad guys won for a while. The school justified her continued expultion because they "could not guarantee her saftey".

It was not for nothing however. Miss Lucy made the first step and it was important. There is a very nice write up on her story on

The victory for the bad guys did not endure. The bad guys became good guys. In 1980 the University overturned her expulsion of its own accord and Autherine Lucy-Foster graduated in 1992 earning her Masters degree in Elementary Education. Her daughter also graduated.

According to Wikipedia the University named an endowed scholarship in Mrs. Foster's honor. They also unveiled a portrait of her which "overlooks the most trafficked spot on campus. The inscription on it reads "
Her initiative and courage won the right for students of all races to attend the University".

Autherine Lucy Foster will celebrate her 80th birthday on Oct 5th.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

Snake Skin

What reason can Hartford Courant Editor Naedine J. Hazell give for printing four photos of politicians accused of corruption on the September 3rd Front Page and only listing the party of the sole Republican?

"Republican Councilwoman Veronica Airey-Wilson's" co-defendants were not identified by their political affiliation in their captions under their photos including Mayor Eddie Perez.
Why not?

Click on the photo so you can read it. There was no mention of Perez's political affiliation -- or anyone else's -- besides Wilson's until the ninth paragraph on Page Two. Why is it that when Democrat gets into trouble he sheds his political affiliation in news reports, but when a Republican does the same her first name becomes "Republican"?


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