Sunday, November 26, 2006

Munster's Revenge

1994 was indeed a bitter pill to swallow.

I worked on the Edward W. Munster for Congress Campaign. I was re-doubling my efforts from 1992. I worked my heart out. I worked all day at my job and then came home and basically worked another full time job getting my man known to the public and advancing our ideas. I did it all. I did not bother to try to get people to do things.

I just did them all myself. It’s a lot less aggravation but took a lot of blood, sweat and tears -and mostly my own money -to get it all done. I hammered up what must have been tens-of-thousands Ed's signature freedom-blue and florescent orange lawn signs which practically glowed in the dark.

I wrote letters to the all the 2nd District's papers on a monthly basis from 1992 till 1996. I networked and did phone banks. I went to monthly meetings in Colchester, Grassroots East.

I offended countless RINOs by actually believing we had a chance.

All of that work went to complete waste because of one man.

Happy-go-lucky babykiller David Bingham ran a third-party candidacy that did nothing but suck votes from the Republican nominee. Of course he had a right to run but the practical result was he handed the seat back to an incumbent that would have lost otherwise.

Congressman Sam Gejdenson squeaked by with 2 then 4 then 21 votes (an arbitrary number the Democrat-controlled Connecticut Supreme Court just made up).

Bingham had major party status because his name appeared on Governor Lowell Weicker’s sham “A Connecticut Party” which screwed up races from 1991 to 1994.

-- Mostly reducing any chance the Republican had to zero.

We found out after we conceded that hundreds of convicted felons had voted. Had we known that before the CT Supreme Court would have been forced to void the tainted election and order a run-off.

We ran Ed again in 1996 but by then the fix was in. It’s hard to battle enemies that buy ink by the barrel.

So skip ahead to present day and I am writing a paper about the “Bush V Gore” case in 2000 for my Constitutional Law class. I wanted to find the Munster V Gejdenson case online and perhaps invent some excuse to mention it. But all I found was this recent blog entry by someone calling himself “Rude Pundit”.

This liberal’s rant made me think for the thousandth time that the 2000 election handing no less than Presidency to the Republicans was the ultimate payback for stealing the 2nd.

So remember that’s what you get for being a complete fucking shit, Rude Dude.

What goes around comes around!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Fear Not Brave Christian Soldier!

What have the liberals won? Tax Increases?

Sure they want to jack up taxes but Bush will veto, tear up, burn and scatter any tax increases the liberals manage to pass to the four winds. I am not sure the Congressional liberals will with the presidential elections coming up. They have a very slim majority. They may not have the votes in their own caucus.

They know they can't win so maybe they won't try. But I hope they do try.

I am not too worried about losing Congress. We have Bush as a firewall. I am more upset about losing my individual member of Congress. Rob Simmons was the best congressman Connecticut has ever had and we replaced him with a lawyer.

That’s like throwing away a million dollar diamond ring for something fished out of the toilet bowl.

I feel we are in an excellent position to win it back Congress (won’t take much) plus the presidency in 2008. The Republican Revolution will continue. It will even continue while we are still in the minority.

Like Winston Churchill once said

"The Americans will always do the right thing …--after exhausting every other possible alternative."

Losing elections is in fact a consequence of leadership. The voters need not be grateful.

Gratitude is not the reason the Republicans did what they did. We enacted our policies on issues like Partial Birth Abortion, tax cuts, good judges and especially the War on Terror (the Iraq war included) because those things were right for America.

And still are. Losing the elections should not be seen as a rejection of all that. All that we have accomplished will not easily be undone.

If the Devil himself popped up and offered I would not trade positions with the liberals for they still don't have any ideas.

Republicans were very effective all those years in the minority and we will be just as effective this time around.

They have already started eating their own – Murtha. They get elected supposedly to rout corruption and this is who the new Speaker wants as Majority Leader? And not a word from the Norwich Bulletin. No editorial and no charges of hypocrisy from former news reporter Ray Hackett.

We conservatives have to consciously refrain from sore loserism. Let them and their buddies in the press have their victory party. They earned it.

..Sort of.

But I can't resist pointing out the spin the liberal press put on the Democrat take-over verses the Republican take-over in 1994.

2006 was heralded as a great victory while the Republican take-over (after 50 years, not 12) was characterized by the late Peter Jennings:

"Some thoughts on those angry voters. Ask parents of any two-year-old and they can tell you about those temper tantrums: the stomping feet, the rolling eyes, the screaming. It's clear that the anger controls the child and not the other way around. It's the job of the parent to teach the child to control the anger and channel it in a positive way. Imagine a nation full of uncontrolled two-year-old rage. The voters had a temper tantrum last week....Parenting and governing don't have to be dirty words: the nation can't be run by an angry two-year-old."

I distinctly recall the press saying over and over that the small margin was going to make it extraordinarily difficult for Newt Gingrich to govern. They embarrassed themselves with their feigned empathy at Newt’s task.

There was all this chatter about what a polarizing figure Newt was.

How crazy their ideas were.

This Contract “ON” America was spun to be some kind of evil doctrine and was almost never termed “reform”.

There were predictions that this majority would be swept out in 1996 or the time after that.

Clearly the voters made a mistake and are now horrified the next day.

“What have we done!” the press imagined the voters thinking. Media liberals were sincerely perplexed that the voters did not turn the GOP out until now 12 years latter.

You hear none of that now. You would think the Democrats won all the seats by the coverage.

Pelosi is the first woman Speaker of the House! Whoopee!

You hear nothing of how difficult it will be for her. She is not a polarizing figure. They bristle when conservatives call her a San Francisco liberal --- which she literally is.

The press has never been on our side. They are a chess piece on our opponent’s side only pretending to be a free agent, above the fray. That’s just the way it is.

We with the New Media will challenge them and overtake them with the force of our ideas over theirs.

We can do this because they are not good enough at spinning the news to stop us.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Spiritless Allies

There is a sub-breed of Republican who just doesn’t have the fight in him. These are the RINO’s. Republican In Name Only.

Secretly they believe the Democrats are right.

They call themselves “moderates” but what they really are is gutless. They are liberals who should be in the other party because they don’t believe in anything.

Well OK that’s wrong. They believe in aborting babies. That is one issue they will go out on a limb for. I do have to give them that.

RINO's think that passionately held viewpoints are something to be ashamed of. And those with strong opinions should be silenced in the name of civility.

The Revolutionary Republicans on the other hand hold that it’s not unsporting to crush your foe when you have the chance. Politics is the ultimate blood sport. Don’t play if you don’t want to get hurt.

The real liberals play for keeps. Why are Republicans asked to hold their fire by other Republicans?

These little girly men don’t have the fight and they resent those Republicans that do. They hate Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh.

These people are content to be forever in the minority. Those few that are elected are so terrified of losing their 8 foot by 8 foot office in Hartford that they never endeavor to pass worthwhile legislation. If they propose say a ban on partial birth abortion that might create a controversy and they might lose their minuscule kingdom.

Oh My Gosh maybe the newspaper won't endorse them for re-election!!!!!!!!

Here is a prime example of what I am talking about:

“level_headed” is an anonymous poster at the Norwich Bulletin.

Now first of all, the name alone says it all.


This person chose this name because he can’t decide which way to come down on issues. He wants everyone to say he is not too Left and not too Right.

He had this to say about me the other day:

“I'd love to see Simmons come back and win it. That said...
Mccommas, is it too much to ask for you to stop being an arrogant jerk in all of the forum replies and blog comments that you leave?”

I responded as I always do in a case like this. I recited the First Amendment and challenged him to use his real name to which he said:

“Actually, McCommas, I can go by whichever name I choose. That's the beauty of requiring a "username," not a "legal name."

And you're wrong -- I'm a huge Simmons supporter and I voted for him. I didn't for one minute consider voting for Courtney.

My problem isn't with your opinions; it's with your delivery. Disagree with whomever you please -- that's your right -- and I'm not even saying I disagree. I'm simply saying you're rude in expressing your views.

At the very least, have some sense of decorum. I may not be using my name, but unlike many forum members, I'm displaying my sense of class.”

Now that’s very Weickerian of him to say so about himself; isn’t it? He has class.

If I am perceived as rude in expressing my views than there is always a good reason for anger. Go back and look at each post you will find that I am fuming about an injustice. In this case it is clueless poll workers who did a very sloppy job of counting the votes.

Some of them didn’t bother opening absentee ballots. Others are misreading figures and no one cared enough to double check. Only 11 towns out of 65 got their numbers correct the first time.

I think people have a right to be angry no matter who they voted for. Their votes aren’t being counted.

If I hurt anyone's feelings than thats just to damn bad.

Sunday, November 05, 2006



Democrat Sheryl L. Vogt claims she wants " quality jobs" but she also wants to jack-up taxes big-time. How many businesses will follow Franklyn Farms out of state before liberals get the message that high taxes kill " quality jobs " ?

State Rep. Michael Alberts (R-Woodstock) works hard to keep taxes under control by keeping state spending under control.

Alberts is pro-jobs because he is pro-business.

Re-elect Alberts.

John R. McCommas
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