Sunday, August 05, 2012

Bulletin/ Ray Hackett Are Lying About Daria Novak

The Norwich Bulletin can endorse whomever they wish for the Republican 2nd Congressional Primary.  That is not the issue here. I am saying they can't call people liars when facts say otherwise.  The Bulletin wrote:

QUOTE "during her editorial board meeting with us, one of the claims Novak made was that 83 percent of doctors across the country are contemplatingleaving the medical profession because of the Affordable Care Act. But there is no evidence to support that claim, typical of the inaccurate and misleadingstatements she makes in defending her positions.  UNQUOTE

So since the Bulletin basically said Novak made up this statistic out of thin air, here is the report in question which had that statistic as Novak said.  It was written by the Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation.  You can read it in full here
The Town Hall article that Novak mentioned about this study is probably this one by Kate Hicks 
On this narrow point the Bulletin owes Daria Novak an apology and must retract its false accusation.  Their endorsement shall stand (for whatever that is worth), but they must fess up that they blew it.  If a retraction isn’t forth-coming than they are the intellectually dishonest ones. 
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