Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Norwich Bulletin's Free Obama Money

We need this money to avoid tax increases? Did you all catch that one in THIS ARTICLE: "Federal stimulus would help schools breathe easier
Aid may ease effect of state cuts" by Adam Bowles?

What does Bulletin reporter Bowles mean by that? Of course there is going to be tax increases somewhere. We will most likely get tax increases from all three levels of government this year. This QUOTE “massive federal education stimulus package " END QUOTE isn't going to pay for itself.

QUOTE: "Plainfield Superintendent Mary Conway said she is preparing to submit a budget with a single-digit increase to the Board of Education next week, which, in effect, means a decrease in services because of automatic contractual increases." END QUOTE.

WELL! That certainly is a new one to me. So Plainfield 's Superintendent is going slam taxpayers with a "single digit increase" (which we can assume is closer to nine than 1) and this will actually be a CUT !

A cut mind you! Whew. I sure am glad good old Mary Conway cleared that up for me. We better not touch that her budget because it is already cut to the bone!


QUOTE "We would be looking at drastic, drastic staff cuts,” [Mary Conway] said if Congress fails to approve the stimulus package". END QUOTE

I wish I could ask Mr. Bowles if there has there has ever been a bureaucrat that failed to characterize prospective money coming their way as anything less than

Why did Mr. Bowles fail to ask Mary Conway how did she managed without this money for the current year? Did the roofs fall in? Did the kiddies all starve? Did they only educate half of the pupils and sent the rest home?

How come the Bulletin never asks these tough questions of the liberal tax -n-spenders?

Is any of this new money going to translate into better grades? Is the money going to be spent in a way that benefits pupils directly ---- or the teachers unions?

Oh and get this QUOTE: "It’s nice to see we have a president and a Congress who understand the importance of our education and how it truly is the future of our country with having an educated work force and an educated citizenry,” [ Richard Murray, chairman of the Killingly Board of Education], said. END QUOTE.

Will the Obama Parade ever end? Hummmmm.....I wonder who Adam Bowles voted for......hummmm......

The only mention -- and that is all it was --- of the Republican side is: QUOTE "Many [federal] Republican lawmakers are saying the bill is too costly and doesn’t provide benefits fast enough". END QUOTE.

Why didn't Adam Bowles get any more specific that that? Why didn’t Adam Bowles get any quotes from taxpayer rights groups or Republican Town Committee Chairmen or any other noted conservative? Why is it that the Bulletin only quotes liberals when there is story about what former Texas Senator Phil Gramm characterizes as 'free money from heaven'?

OK. I will help Mr. Bowles out here because maybe he is unaware that there are people out there on the other side in Connecticut that he can call and get quotes from. Here is a good one:

The Federation of Connecticut Taxpayer Organizations, Inc. (FCTO)

Contact: President Susan Kniep,




Mrs. Kniep is the former Mayor of East Hartford and is a lot smarter than I am on these matters. I guarantee she will return Mr. Bowles' call. She may even pick up on the first ring so how about it Mr. Bowles? How about a little balance for once?

You Obamabots are all about change -- right?

How about some balance --- for a change?


Saturday, January 24, 2009

'Don't Listen to That Man on the Radio!'

John R. McCommas
29 Kathleen Drive
Willimantic CT 06226

Dear President Obama:

Ever heard of the First Amendment? I demand to know just who the hell do you think you are telling your fellow Americans not to listen to someone on the radio.

I actually don’t listen to Rush as am to busy and I find talk radio has too many commercials. Many of my friends do and I think they should be allowed to listen to what they chose -- likewise for the elected leaders in congress. I do enjoy Rush Limbaugh’s commentary when he comes on shows like Hannity. Mr. Limbaugh shares my ideals and I happen to think his opinions are firmly grounded. He is a breath of fresh air.

I am reading Ann Coulter’s Guilty at the moment. Is it OK with you if I finish it before you end talk radio with the so called “Fairness Doctrine” and start banning books like they do in France?

I await your prompt reply,

John R. McCommas


Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Gianna ad

This issue has flipped me.

If the so called pro-choice side won't moderate its views than they have lost me.

Once and for all.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


-- Catch you next time! hair toss.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Diversity Trap

I often think of this commercial for reasons other than nostalgia.

This nice commercial predates all this diversity propaganda. I remember the 1970's as a time where we believed in something called the Melting Pot.

You dove in. You changed it and it changed you. Foreigners back then happily assimilated and we welcomed them with open arms. Everyone was your brother or sister. Skin color did not matter. We did not call ourselves anything but Americans. No hyphens. I did not even know what European blood I had in me till I asked my Dad when I was in my teens. No one cared! What mattered is what was on the inside. Everyone was proud to be an American – especially the Americans by choice.

Now look at who we got for a First Lady. Michelle Obama was only proud of her country “for the first time in my adult lifetime” when she thought – correctly as it turned out – she was being crowned.

The general consensus, at least as I saw it back then, was we were all more alike than we were different.

Now a days with "diversity" we are all divided into groups and subgroups.

Separate and apart.

“Diversity” promotes the poisoned idea that because I am white and you are black there is an invisible barrier between us. We are totally different. We are so different that I have to be lectured on tolerance and urged not to resort to violence.

I hate that. Tolerance was something I was taught as a little kid. I have never fought anyone in my entire life. We are being condescended to death. What diversity means in practice is division. I am not sure if that is the intention or not but that is definitely the result.

Some of us don’t even speak the same language. In the town I live in the schools do not teach children English unless the parents opt out of bilingual education. Most do but the ones that don’t are left behind.

I think of this commercial because of this balkanization of our culture. Why can't we go back to the way it used to be? Maybe this “diversity” is just a phase.

I sure hope so.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Blame Susana Mendoza for the Stench in Illinois

I am really tired of slick politicians like this cutie and the far more crotchety Harry Reid playing fast and loose with the law. Law must be followed even when it is a bad law.

The reason why the U.S. Senate is in its current dilemma is because of selfish partisans like pretty in pink Susana Mendoza refused to rewrite the laws striping the Governor of his ability to appoint vacancies. Mendoza and her party were to chickenshit to open up the matter to a special election. Mendoza feared the voters might pick a Republican and Mendoza and her cronies want this seat to stop Republican filibusters.

Governor Blagojevich appointing Roland Burris is the simple consequence of the Illinois Democrats' cynically calculated inaction. It is no more complicated than that.

As a matter of law, the appointment is legal and Mr. Burris should be seated, tainted as he is. The Illinois Secretary of the State has no ground to stand on in holding up the appointment. I am sure the court will order him to certify Blagojevich's choice. He is still the Governor.

Likewise Majority Leader Harry Reid would be sidestepping the law and ignoring a supreme court precedent by sending the matter to a committee to wait out the clock.

Yes it stinks but put the blame where it belongs --- Mendoza and the Democrat Party of Illinois. They wanted this seat this badly so they will just have to live with the foul stench for the next two years.

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