Friday, December 25, 2009

-- Giving Denise Merrill All She Deserves


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Laura Branigan!

I had all her tapes. She was a great lady. We sure do miss her.

Time Magazine’s Sticky Fingers

If you are in what used to be called a record store and you are offered free magazines, take my advice and tell them NO. Not only will you be hooked into an un-free subscription once the free part is over, they will years latter spontaneously enroll you in a magazine you never ordered at all and of course bill your credit card.

I was suspicious something was up when I started getting Time Magazine in the mail which I never ordered. I have hated that particular despicable publication since the 1980's not because it leftwing, but because their reporting is often boldface lies and anti-American. Why would I want to read that trash much less pay to read it?

So launched an investigation. I will be damned if this rag is going to get any of my hard earned money particularly if they are in as much trouble as the liberal newspapers that are all going broke. I don't want to save it.
I called Time Magazine and they referred me to the swindling company they do business with to get subscriptions. I was on hold for the better part of an hour. I got them to cancel it and I found out they already billed my credit card. Nice huh? They refunded the money once caught.

It is true that about two years ago, I cancelled Newsweek and others in a deal I did sign up for (I never ordered Time). Before I had to pay, I cancelled them. I thought that was smart; no? I took advantage of them.
But no. You can't trust them. Those thieving trolls kept my credit card number on file that I used to buy my CDs and they used it years latter out of the blue. I wonder how many others they did that to who passively shrugged it off. The lesson relearned is you got to watch your money like a hawk.
There is always someone after it using clever ways to rip you off.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sarah Palin For President

This last go around Michael Reagan said something that I --- at the time -- reluctantly agreed with. He said that Republicans are looking around for his father. The younger Reagan said that someone like his Dad only comes around once in a lifetime. And certainly there was nobody remotely like the Gipper in 2008 Republican primary.

Well, as hardly needs to be pointed out, we settled for John McCain with a whimper. We let the media pick our candidate. McCain really wanted to pick Senator Joe Lieberman for Veep, but that would not have helped him with the base of the Republican Party. McCain used his VP choice to extend an olive branch to us real Republicans with his now historic choice of the Reaganeque governor of Alaska.


Michael Reagan was wrong. I don't know how the old man did it, but Ronald Reagan was back -- and in high heels!

McCain's choice of Governor Sarah Palin was not just a game-changer; it was a stroke of genius. Dishearted Republicans like myself were so disillusioned with the wishy-washy McCain that we were actually considering voting for Hillary Clinton if she won the nomination of her party. Ann Coulter even endorsed her with some surprisingly strong reasons. Overnight real Republicans were suddenly genuinely enthusiastic for the McCain ticket. Palin is the reason why.

With Sarah Palin in the number two spot, real Republicans did not hesitate for a moment to cheerfully hop aboard the "Straight Talk Express". Had it not been for the energy Palin supplied, McCain would have lost by a lot more than he did.

In every way that is important, Sarah Palin IS RONALD REAGAN. There are others that have more experience, who are more eloquent with turn of phrase, or who you can argue deserve the nomination more by virtue of having toiled in the fields for so many years. But we did that in 1996 and Bob Dole lost; didn't' he?

Palin has her detractors and notably those detractors were Ronald Reagan's detractors as well. Almost every criticism of either Reagan or Palin are interchangeable. "to inexperienced", "dangerous", "not one of us", "to conservative to be elected".

Palin is the whole package. I can't tell you just exactly what it is, but Reagan and Sarah Palin both had/have it. There are so many parallels between Reagan and Palin that makes her ascendancy almost dare I say ..."inevitable"?

So far the media-liberals and the Democrats have recognised who Palin really is better than Republicans. Media-Liberals recognise Palin as the number one threat to Obama and his (and their) agenda. The media-liberals are not going to let her push Obama out of Pennsylvania Avenue 'after they have worked so hard to get him there.'

Expect stepped-up attacks.

If the Republican Congressional landslide in 1994 was Reagan II, than Palin's presidency is Reagan III.

Mark my words -- Sarah Palin will be the 44th President of the United States of America.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Snooper Report

The Snooper Report

"Taking Our Country Back One Marxist Spider Hole At A Time"

With a line like that, you got to check it out!

I ran across this while doing research. I got to get back to my paper now.

See ya....

Disallowed Speach -- "Abortion Is Murder"

There are just some things that liberals just don't want to hear. For all their talk about diversity, liberals really can't stand people -- or speech -- that is not exactly like their own.

The Norwich Bulletin, in order to attract interest in its website version of the paper, has a comment section on the bottom of most stories and opinions.
This letter by Mr. Mark T. Kalinowski o-pined about the evil of abortion, but then concluded that it still should be between a mother and her doctor. I responded to that simply "Abortion is Murder".

I checked back latter and the post was erased (I rewrote it at least twice with the same result) seemingly because somehow what I said was ummmm... what?

Racist? Well no....

Sexist? Nope...

Homophobic? Oh come on!

The post was erased either by other readers hitting the "report" button or the webmaster because it was a assertion that liberals just don't want in the public square. Now precisely why is that? They have tolerated the most hateful exchanges between liberals and conservatives on lot of other subjects. Why is abortion special?

I think I know the answer to that. Deep down the Pro-Abortionists (yes Virginia, there is such a thing) know what they advocate is the killing of innocent children.

That must be the reason. Otherwise, why pull the plug? Everything I post now disappears automatically. Is this what we have to look forward to in the age of Obama? --Words that are to dangerous to be heard just disappear in a blink? Will their next be a knock at my door? Yes, it can happen here if we let it.
Are we going to allow it then?

This is a time to be vigilent of not only our own rights but those of others. We can only protect them if we stand together. Whether you agree with my words or not, you should stand up next to me and defend my right to say them.

Journalists should know that better than anyone else.... or so you would have thought.....

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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Overturn McCain-Feingold

Gossip Culture

Why can't the media gossip queens just let the Tiger Woods issue die? The MSM builds up people as stars only so they can tear them down in some gotcha moment.

Ms Goshay in the Norwich Bulletin today claims that Mr. Woods cultured an image of perfection. Funny but I don't ever recall Mr. Woods saying he was perfect but then again, I don't read the National Inquirer.

Ms. Goshay's real beef -- as she plainly states -- with Mr. Woods is that he is a clean cut guy who apparently likes money and seems to prefer white women.

The only thing that is really important is he never lied in a civil right case like Bill Clinton. Where is the "so-what" argument now that it really is appropriate to bring up?

Needless to say, the press (yellow and otherwise) should stay out of Mr. and Mrs. Woods' marriage -- if they still have one. The editors and reporters of the Fourth Estate should cancel their subscriptions to People Magazine and start reading -- and covering -- the harder, more important news.

The real issue is this sustained undignified feeding frenzy. When they get some scrap of meat like this the press act like rabid piranha fish. They keep it going as long as they can till the next trivial, yet sensational, brouhaha presents itself.

I Remember when the Clinton's moved into the White House, the press was following Chelsea's cat around on the White House lawn. The Norwich Bulletin printed an editorial that week rightly ridiculing the foolishness; It isn't a cat. it "Madonna with a tail. Even so that rag prints all this shit while other far more important issues (such as the leaked emails that prove global warming is a hoax) wind up on the editing room floor.

The press has once again embarrassed itself, and this once proud industry is to far gone to even be properly ashamed of it.


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