Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr. Nice Goes to Washington

It was one of those great moments in politics that you never forget. That insufferable elitist snob David Gergin asked this shitty-ass question:

"We know from the Clinton experience that if this bill fails that it could be another 15 years before we see another health care reform effort again. Are you willing under those circumstances to say I am going to be the person, I am going to sit in Teddy Kennedy's seat, and I am going to be the person who is going to block it for another 15 years".

To which our true blue all American hero Down Town Scott Brown replied, with just a little bit of annoyance, "With all due respect its not the Kennedy seat and its not the Democrat's seat. It is the people's seat".

It was probably over right then and there. It is not to often that a nice guy finishes first. This is the exception. Scott never lost his cool when his opponent and the press threw one ridiculous lie at him after another.

Congratulations Mr. Brown. No, make that Congratulations Senator-elect Brown.


I Do My Homework

Speaking of censorship! I wrote a letter to the Norwich Bulletin on the Citizens V the FEC case and the Bulletin's mistaken opinion on it. One of the commentators -- a certain mr teem -- claimed that I did not do my homework:

"Its a shame when letter writers don't bother to think through what they're suggesting or bother to use even a modicum of research. Media corporations have always been exempt from USC441b. That's in one of those other pesky clauses of the First Amendment that people sometimes ignore".

So I posted the links to all my research. And then *poof* they disappeared! Sometimes my comments do come back. And maybe they don't like outside links being posted as they tend to take readers away from their website. Fair enough I guess but it does interfere with the free exchange of ideas. Liberals are not really big fans of that I have noticed. Have you noticed that too?

On the point about the media being exempt from the speech restrictions, that is exactly what this case was all about. Isn't Citizens United a part of the media? They put together a movie about the election coming up that is really no different than what 60 Minutes might have done only their bias tilts the other way.

What if the government was banning the airing of 60 Minutes hatchet-job on Sarah Palin? Isn't that the same thing?

Well try out some of these links which I read. I wrote a paper for a class on this subject but I would have read all this stuff anyway. I have a passion for First Amendment cases and Citizens United V the FEC was a big landmark case.

The Fallacy of Campaign Finance Reform by John Samples

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NewsBusted !!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why I Switched

Connecticut Bob and someone called Tessa Marquis at "My Leftmeg" put up posts celebrating abortion. I then wrote this long -- but not angry -- post which it turns out is to long so I will put it up here instead. There should be not space limits on a subject as important as this.

I used to be pro-choice but my conscience kept bothering me until I finally changed my changed my mind about two years ago. I have President Obama to thank for that. He horrified me into it.

I probably never really was in the pro-choice camp anyway because every single time a debate came up between the pro-abortionists and the pro-lifers, I would always secretly root for the Life side. I admired Operation Rescue only at the time I thought of it as a magnificent exercise in Free Speech.

To be brutally honest I think I was for *choice* probably because it was the more popular position to take. When I was younger my priorities were different. I remember these screaming arguments from the pro-abortionists "Well what if a girl is raped by her father?!!" , --- which almost put me in the position of having to defend incest. And incest is definitely not cool.

Their other scare tactic was that men should not have any position on abortion unless it is to support it because men can't get pregnant. -- Which is only true for the walk away Joes.

As I write this there are two delightful girls giggling and playing outside my condo. Its almost a sign....

To tell you the truth I am not as nearly bothered by the early abortions as the latter ones. That is what really changed my mind. Far from being moderate, the self described "moderates" are opposed to any restriction on abortion at all no matter how late it is.

I recall one really hateful woman who was the head of one pro-abortion organization (Susan Yolen) who even opposed a bill that would make it illegal for a man to murder a wanted child while he was still in the womb. Before "Jenny's Law", it was perfectly legal for a man to kill his girlfriend's baby as long as he wasn't born yet. Of course he also killed the mother too, but the killer was not charged with the murder of the baby because it just didn't count under CT law as a person at the time as hard as that is to believe. This happened in Plainfield Connecticut which is just a stone's throw from here.

Now isn't that taking *choice* a bit to far? Yolan actually sided with he murderers of pregnant women. Talk about tunnel-vision! And yet this is seen as the more enlightened positon.

The way I think of it is that when a child develops a mind, then no matter what religion you are (and even if you don't have one), you have to admit that he or she has a soul and should have at least some rights. If abortions are to be allowed at all, they should only be in the first trimester before the soul manifests itself.

But even then it is just so unthinkable to me. If you know anything about human genetics, the instant that sperm meets egg a distinct individual is created. The person that tiny fertilized egg is destined to be is cast in cement. Eye color, hair, sex and even some say sexuality are all chosen at that moment. If a different sperm made it in there, it would be a totally different person.

The parents who are inconvenienced may rationalize that they/she can have children latter in life but it will never be that same infant. It will be someone entirely different. An aborted baby can't be replaced ever.

My mom had several pregnancies before she had me. They all died. Two were really bad ones my Dad told me. It bothers me that my Mom must have been in a lot of emotional pain. I was the first to be born alive. On my birth certificate those two deaths are noted on it. My sister was born without any trouble after me. I often wonder about them. It was such a pity they did not make it. Were they boys or girls? What was wrong with them that made my Mom miscarry? What ever they were, you can't argue that were nothing.

I think the only morally justifiable reason for an abortion is to save the life of the woman (when it is authentically at stake) because every person has the right to protect herself. Other than that, I don't have much sympathy anymore for the other rationalizations for abortion. I admire Sarah Palin for her decison to carry her baby to term even though it was not an ideal situation. Likewise for her daughter. It is quite telling that her opponents hate her for the act of not killing her baby. That is quite telling of their morality -- or lack of it.

Just because the child is exterminated quietly without so much as a whimper does not mean that it isn't murder. Did you know that some babies are actually born alive when the doctors (if you can call them that) try to abort them? What would the pro-abortionists have done with these children I wonder? They are not human beings too?

Gianna Jessen is one such person.

We know what Obama's position was on her. If he had his way, Miss Jessen would be dead. 'Just give them a warm blanket' and wheel them into the corner to suffer and die from neglect. That's President Obama's position on the matter in a nutshell. On a bill that would give these children rights as citizens he voted "present". He really wanted to vote "no" but clearly he made a political calculation. I am surprised he got elected despite his "present" vote.

I really can't believe this kind of thing goes on in the best country in the world. It has to be stopped. Did you know that babies cry in the womb? If that doesn't melt your heart than man, you just don't have one.

I don't think of this choice as a euphuism. Not any more I don't. The era of legal abortion will someday be called for what it is -- the holocaust.

I urge you to listen to your conscious like I did mine. At least oppose the late abortions. That's what a real moderate would do, wouldn't she?


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

He Did It !!!



Sunday, January 17, 2010

Win One For the Gipper Scott !!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scott Brown For Senate

Right man, Right time.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Not Ready For Primetime

"My mind is open and i want to come back on your show and answer that question."

So open his brains are falling out.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Damed if You Do, Dead If You Don't

Retired Police Officer Gerard Chartier could not be more right in this letter to the editor. Carefully consider what you are risking by going into the law enforcement profession. Wives and husbands, you got a say in this too. You and your spouse need to do a sit down on this one.

Just ask former Officer Scott Smith out of Milford. Dirtbag Prosecutor John Connelly and the media railroaded him when all that happened is some punk he was arresting went for a knife. Smith shot in self defence.

It turned out latter that this same punk while being arrested on a different charge made the same crazy maneuver while being arrested -- going for a small knife. The police were surprised but managed to subdue him on that occasion. Most people when presented with this evidence would inescapably conclude that Smith was telling the truth but not John Connelly. Many claimed Connelly wanted to make a name for himself at Smith's expense.

Count me among them.

Connelly and the media made it out to be a racial incident when it was no such thing. Asked why people thought Officer Smith was a racist, they pointed to his military style haircut.

Don't laugh. The jury bought it. They convicted him of manslaughter, which I suppose was their sorry version of compromise justice. Connelly had charged him with First-degree premeditated murder, which made no sense based on the circumstances of the case.

One thing I would add is think-twice if you are white. Even if you are a women. Officer Stephanie Moin got TEN YEARS in jail for letting her dog bite a robber suspect on the ass when she suspected he was about to flee. There is no guarantee if you are Black either.

The media will be out to get you and you can't fight that. The jury will read the racially charged newspaper reports, and then lie and say they didn't.

Smith was lucky. His case was thrown out of court on appeal, not really because of the technicality they claimed, but because of the obvious injustice of it. But a stupid, spineless, heartless jury did convict him just to be politically correct. Remember that.

Lawyers are very dangerous people. And remember, prosecutors are lawyers as are judges. Both were out to get Smith from the get-go. I followed the case from start to finish. The jury latter regretted their verdict but it was to late the judge gloated.

After the state Supreme Court threw out the case, Smith was recharged and Officer Smith plead to a minor charge that was a face-saver for Connelly. I don't blame Scott for taking the deal. He was scared. But predatory lawyers like Connelly are still out there waiting for another case so he can say he was the first to put a cop in jail for something he did in his official capacity.

This letter writer could not be more right. You have to think hard on this one guys and girls.

If you find yourself in such a situation and you hesitate thinking about all this, the punk will get his knife in your throat.

Damned if you do .... dead if you don't


Saturday, January 02, 2010

RINOs --Wrong Then. Wrong Now.

I snapped up a copy of the Middletown Press at the Mansfield Flea Market last summer and this image keeps haunting me. So I moved the cat who has made my box of old newspapers his favorite bed, and fished it out to post this snowy morning. Its so telling; isn't it?

I wish I could put up the whole paper in fact. Nearly every page is full of stories about so-called "GOP Extremism". You can feel the newspaper's anguish for us por por Republicans; can't you?

'They really really want us to have a chance you have to understand'! The mainstream media as it is now known wants to stop us from making the fatal mistake of nominating Goldwater --- or Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush or Sarah Palin...

The more things change, the more things stay the same. This isn't just about media bias, its about those spineless fifth-columnists RINOs who let the press scare them into betraying their stated beliefs.
-- On on that, we know how sucessfull the Johnson presidency was now, don't we?
True scores of RINOs have thankfully left the party but enough remain to make a constant nuisance of themselves.
Here is a little sampling of the headlines which tell the story all by themselves.

"Extremism Splits GOP"

"Ike Asks Goldwater to Explain Position"

"Area Republicans Go Slow on Barry Views"

"GOP Isn't United Behind Goldwater"

"Former Legislator Bolts GOP, Unhappy with Barry"

"Rockefeller Blast Goldwater's Stand"

Under the last front-page above the fold headline is a picture of Republican (well sort of) Senator Nelson Rockefeller with the caption "Barry frightens him".

Oh, and let me read to you a bit of the inside editorial "Goldwater and the Press". Its just so rich:
"....Usually the newspapers in a campaign are accused of being a one-party press whose publishers invariably support Republicans and this results in news stories favorable to their candidate. In the last election it was charged that most reporters are Democrats and hence Vice-President Nixion suffered and President Kennedy benefited. This year the charge that seems to be shaping up is that Eastern Newspapers are against the senator. Thus it appears to be the case that for the second campaign in a row, the Republican candidate will do most of the complaining...In short, the outcries about the press usually com late in the campaign -- usually from the loser -- but this year the Goldwater supporters are taking no chances: They are getting their complaints in early. All this is not to say that the press as a whole will get though this campaign without error or misquotation, for this is humanly impossible, nor is it to say that Senator Goldwater will not have the editorial support of as many newspapers as is usual for a Republican candidate. But it is to say that the performance of the press, good, bad, or indifferent, will be the subject of distress to one side or the other, and possibly both."
Like I said -- rich.

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