Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ray Hackett is a Bitter Old Queen


Norwich Bulletin Editorial Page Editor Ray Hackett BANNED ME from the Norwich Bulletin!  No more of my constructive criticisms for you to read under his op-eds or the editorials that he also writes.  What a pity, I had developed a little bit of a following --- granted you probably could count them on one hand.  I am not allowed to submit letters to the editor anymore either.  Apparently I called Mr. Hackett a "bitter old Queen".  That did it!  Are you banned yet too?  I called him and I asked him why I couldn’t post and get my letters published.  He yelled “YOU CALLED ME A QUEEN!” and I have been banned as punishment.

Sorry, that’s just damn funny.  I did not remember writing that (at first) but I didn't deny it because that sure sounded like me.

With this particular instance over this op-ed (or a latter one I am not sure) I thought what is he so bitter about?  You would think that with Bulletin Buddy Chris Murphy getting elected U.S. Senator over Mr. Hackett’s nemesis Linda McMahon that he would be happy. But no!  My comment's (since deleted) emphasis was the bitter part and that’s why I didn’t initially remember calling him a “queen”.  I have no idea of Mr. Hackett’s sexual leaning (nor do I want to know!).  I just threw in “queen” for flourish.  You know us homos are into a little flourish now and then -- i.e. ’OH THOSE DRAPES HAVE GOT TO GO!’

His column summing up the election was as fuming as all of his columns have been this year.  I think the man might need some anger management sessions.  He was crazy-weird mad over Linda McMahon’s refusal to come to an editorial interview for the endorsement she had no chance of getting.  He was certainly every bit the drama queen over that so maybe that is what inspired me to call him one:

' You are not coming to my interview??!!  How dare you!'

  I for one was titillated by the fuss he made.  He was as mad as a wet hen!  Oh no, now I called him a hen…  What will I get for that?  Will they stop cashing my checks and stop delivering the newspaper to my door?

 Honestly though, for a real Republican going to these “interviews” is a bit like going to the Democrat State Central Committee asking for their endorsement.  You aren’t going to get the endorsement so why go?  Its the enemy camp.  I thought Mrs. McMahon made a terrific statement with that.

When I called Mr. Hackett (previous occasions as well) he seemed intimidated by me on the phone.  Intimidated by little ‘ol me?

I am pretty sure that the real reason why he doesn’t like me (and why I was banned when others have said far worse) is I almost cost him his job.  I e-mailed his bosses and I explained how he lied about what Daria Novak said in her own interview with the Bulletin.  Mr. Hackett charged Mrs. Novak brought up a statistic that she didn’t source and it fact she had.  I knew he could have been fired by doing that.  I didn’t want him fired; I just wanted the record set straight.  Their endorsement of her primary opponent would stand. 

There was no retraction as I demanded or any correspondence back to me at all but I think Mr. Hackett was given a stern warning.  It’s nice to know that there are still some journalistic ethics of some sort there.  In the old days there would be a retraction and one less editorial page editor. 

That’s why I was banned.  Calling Mr. Hackett a bitter old queen was just the excuse he was waiting for. 

I thought about apologizing but you know what?  I am not sorry. 
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